How Online Ordering is Leveling the Playing Field

In the digital age, almost anything you could need is available online, and now, your food is as well. Of course, you can’t eat something directly off the internet, but with the expansion and innovation of online ordering, it’s never been easier for customers and restaurants to connect and collaborate. By taking advantage of online ordering platforms or by creating their own website, restaurant owners are stepping up their game, and you can do the same.

As a restaurant owner, you're constantly working to manage delivery orders and get the word out about your restaurant. Especially for small restaurants, it can be difficult to compete against these big-name brands. However, online ordering through different delivery platforms allows everyone to reach their bottom line. By creating innovative solutions for takeout at all restaurants, mobile ordering is leveling the playing field for restaurant owners. Let’s look at a few of the ways this could help your restaurant.

Connect through a number of different apps and ordering sites.

Online ordering has never been easier because now there are so many online ordering systems out there. So many mobile apps offer customers the chance to connect with your restaurant and have food delivered right to their door for a small transaction fee. GrubHub, Uber Eats, Postmates, Chownow, and DoorDash are just a few examples of these types of ordering sites. You just have to make the food, and then a driver picks it up and delivers it to your customers.

As great as it is to connect through so many different methods, it’s also important that your restaurant integrates all these real-time orders. This is where Cuboh can help. Our POS system integration brings all these online sales together to one centralized location. This way, you don’t have to worry about missing anything. Your POS system will help keep every online order organized, so you can get food out efficiently and effectively.

Be more accessible to a wide range of customers.

Online ordering has also opened the door for you to reach more customers. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, many individuals have been stuck at home or haven’t felt comfortable eating out. With an online food ordering system, you're able to share your food and the restaurant experience with everyone, even if they can’t come to your venue directly. Now, no one is turned away, and every restaurant has a more even ability to reach customers through the ordering system.

Adapt to people’s busy schedules.

The current social climate encourages busy schedules and running from place to place. That doesn’t allow for much leisure time at a restaurant to sit and dine. However, people still do enjoy nice meals, just on their own time. Online ordering allows for food delivery that fits into your customer’s schedule. This helps the restaurant industry stay afloat when business isn’t booming inside. You can still sell your menu items and make a profit through online orders, even if they are for to-go or takeout.

Partnerships allow you to streamline ordering at a low cost.

If you don’t have a restaurant ordering system already, it may feel intimidating to create one from scratch. This is where those third-party platforms listed above can save you on the additional costs. Instead of building a costly ordering page on your website, trust these vendors to get your food out there. These partnerships allow restaurants of all sizes to offer more delivery options, even if you can’t afford them on your own.

It helps to expand and innovate your brand.

Restaurants are a notoriously risky business plan. You have to spend a lot upfront before you start seeing a steady revenue stream. The best way to guarantee the continued success of your restaurant is by expanding and innovating. Gain insights into the market, and see how you can take creative approaches to give your restaurant a leg up. Online ordering is one of these advancements that you have to keep up with for your restaurant operation. Expanding your online ordering options helps you expand to reach new customers and put a good name on your brand. Sure, you can try new marketing campaigns or a new budget to increase monthly sales, but valuable insights from the field show that delivery and curbside pickup service is an important factor for restaurant success. Start with this improvement to get a high volume of orders and grow your brand.

Offer promotions to retain more customers.

As you try and draw more people into your restaurant, online ordering software can actually provide unique promotions and discounts for those customers who use their mobile device to order. Simple things like a loyalty program, a $5 off coupon after completing a survey, or a free appetizer when you order online for carryout can all draw people in. These marketing strategies will help you reach a new target audience and retain repeat customers. You can also direct people toward online orders through your mobile app or social media. This is a great way to encourage sales while embracing your fun side.

Plan your day and your inventory.

Online ordering can be useful because the analytics and data are all integrated in one spot. You can understand trends of what people are ordering or set a promotion for a certain date. This can help you plan your inventory and know exactly what products to buy for ultimate customer satisfaction. Getting those metrics helps inform your business decisions at the restaurant and can bring everyone to an even playing field.

You can even do major catering orders.

Delivery orders don’t necessarily have to be immediate, either. You can set up online ordering for catering and larger events as well. This will help you plan and be prepared for anything. Just be sure you’re setting ground rules and not overwhelming your chefs. By allowing big companies or organizations to order catering, you're establishing that relationship and giving them an easy time ordering with you. Set yourself up for success with online orders for individuals and companies alike.

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