Restaurant Tech Trends

There are hundreds of technology options designed for the restaurant and hospitality industries, but which are most worthy of investment? New technology, whether it be applications or software requires monetary resources as well a time commitment for training. Today's restaurants that may be struggling to get back on their feet after the coronavirus lockdown need more than hunches to go on if they're going to embrace new tech trends. The following technology solutions have transformative potential for restaurants, helping them provide more efficient management and service.   

Online Ordering

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, many restaurants were exploring whether and when to offer customers online ordering options. After the lockdown forced restaurants all over the country to close their doors to dine-in service, thousands of eateries adopted online ordering platforms like DoorDash and Uber Eats. In many cases, this type of technology enabled them to pay their bills.   

However, many restaurants also discovered that contracting with more than one online service platform could be a hefty slice of chaos. Tracking orders and deliveries with multiple devices reduced the efficiency that online ordering is meant to provide. For this reason, restaurants are now embracing Cuboh, because its platform allows them to manage all their online orders from one convenient dashboard. Less confusion means better customer service and more efficient restaurant operations. Here are a bunch of other solutions you should have on your radar:

Touchscreen and POS Handheld Systems

Did you know that touchscreen and POS handheld systems can reduce serving time per table by up to ten minutes? Imagine how many additional customers you will have served at the end of a week's time? Restaurants that have adopted POS handheld systems report improved customer satisfaction and reduced order errors. These systems offer staff and customers greater flexibility. They also allow restaurants to market food items or specials more effectively. Customers have become used to these systems and because they promote improved accuracy in orders, customers tend to enjoy a more satisfying experience.  

Mobile Payments

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the way many restaurants operate. Many restaurants and customers are trying to reduce cash transactions in order to reduce the potential for contagion. When customers can authorize payment via their own mobile phone, they don't even have to swipe their credit card or press any buttons. For now, this is ideal for reducing contact between customers but it also promotes greater convenience and efficiency. These applications are not difficult to install and many customers are already using them on a regular basis.  

Menu and Inventory Management Software

The restaurant back office is frequently the place where strategic decisions get made. Instead of surrounding yourself with paper lists, logs, and sheets of inventory, invest in software that allows you to manage your inventory and menu from your digital device. This means that you can see where your restaurant stands in terms of inventory or sales from anywhere. A digital platform ensures greater accuracy so you can make informed decisions about orders and your restaurant's offerings.   

With these software tools, you can track costs in both the short and long term. See at a glance what's selling best and where you may be losing money. The latest software solutions are more user-friendly than ever, requiring less training to master. This type of technology is no mere trend; restaurants that adopt it tend to stick with it because it works.  

Restaurant Reservation Software

When you automate your restaurant's reservation schedule, you can convey a more professional image to diners and reduce errors like double-bookings. Busy staffers often make mistakes when it comes to the reservation schedule. The software eliminates the need to manage phone calls for reservations or designate an employee to handle them. Many customers prefer the freedom of searching open reservations and making their own decision about when to dine accordingly.  

Staff Scheduling Software

Busy restaurants know all about the nightmare of scheduling. To ensure that your restaurant is optimally staffed, it makes sense to invest in some scheduling software for your cook and wait staff. This type of software allows your staffers to view who's working in case they need to trade hours. The software allows for flexibility, but it also promotes more efficient and accurate scheduling management.   


There are many restaurants that have yet to offer wifi service to customers. Whether or not you want to offer customers high-speed internet service may depend on the type of dining experience you offer. However, many people are working remotely these days and rely on their devices to stay connected. Knowing that they can linger for breakfast or lunch at your restaurant or cafe and work from your location can lead to more business.   

While your restaurant may not elect to embrace all of these tech options at once, they are all tech trends with staying power. The sooner you can adopt them, the sooner you can enjoy their myriad of benefits. If you're interested in learning about Cuboh, visit the website or schedule a tutorial to learn more.

 If you want to win at online ordering and optimize your approach to takeout and delivery, we can help. Book a 15-minute consultation to learn more about how Cuboh can transform your business.

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