The Easy Way to Manage Online Orders 

Cuboh integrates your delivery apps with your POS and consolidates them into a single tablet.
Defeat Tablet Hell For Good
Online ordering isn’t going away–but you don’t have to live with tablet hell.

Cuboh consolidates all your tablets into a single device and automatically processes orders. It’s the secret sauce for online ordering success.

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centralized reporting
Know what’s really working in your business with Cuboh’s real-time analytics and reporting.

With a centralized dashboard for insights, you can understand your business like never before.

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one platform for all your apps
Cuboh integrates all of your delivery apps and consolidates them onto a single device.

Get all your orders in one place and let automation do the rest. No headaches. No human-error.

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seamless integration
Cuboh easily integrates with your POS system and KDS, automatically creating orders and saving time.

No mistakes or delays.

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grow your virtual brand
Restaurants and ghost kitchens use Cuboh to integrate apps, streamline their order process, and gain insights into growing their virtual brand.

As you scale, Cuboh is right there with you.

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"Using Cuboh has allowed us to execute delivery orders more efficiently and accurately–it has given us the confidence to push this sales channel harder."
–   Neal Idnani, owner of Naan Stop
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