How to Consolidate Your Restaurant's Online Orders: 2024

How to Consolidate Your Restaurant's Online Orders: 2024

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Grow Orders, Save Time & Eliminate Tablet Chaos
Cuboh integrates your delivery apps and online orders with your POS and consolidates them into a single tablet.

If you're working with multiple delivery apps like DoorDash, Uber Eats, or SkipTheDishes, managing their orders across multiple tablets is a painful experience. Your staff makes too many mistakes because there are too many screens to oversee. It is hard to keep up with all incoming orders, and constantly training new staff zaps time and energy. In this article, we will cover what you can do to consolidate them into one place and build efficiencies into your business.

Managing Online Orders Across Multiple Tablets

Unlike in previous years, now more than ever, customers rapidly order from their favorite food app that delivers restaurant food directly to their home. There's everything from Uber Eats, Grubhub, DoorDash, SkipTheDishes, Chownow, and more. And with the variety of online food delivery apps, it isn't easy to juggle each on a separate tablet. 

Additionally, multiple tablets take up usable counter space. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but when you have 5 different tablets, it makes a difference! And despite this catch-up struggle, the delivery trend only keeps rising, meaning you've got to master this category to future-proof your business. You will have to streamline all operations and optimize restaurant delivery services if you want to increase efficiency and keep up with the competition.

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Leading Integrators

The easiest solution is to find an integration that will connect all third party delivery apps for you. This will allow you to ensure your business is running at maximum efficiency and eliminate the headache of multiple tablets just to take orders from every online food delivery app. It also helps you manage all your menus in one place to make menu updates easy.

With Cuboh, a leading aggregator, you can effectively consolidate all third-party delivery orders and manage everything from one platform. This means no matter which food delivery app your orders are coming from, they all appear in one place. 

What are the benefits of using an integration?

  1. Speed and Accuracy

People who place online food orders are searching for good food quickly. The more accurate and swifter your deliveries are, the more likely a customer will return and leave a great review. The Cuboh integration prioritizes the accuracy of each order and the time it takes for each order to be delivered. 

Third party delivery apps reward restaurants that accept online orders quickly and with no mistakes. Ultimately, these delivery apps care about business profits which come from driving orders for restaurants that are likely to fulfill those orders without issues. Poor operational workflows (especially from using too many tablets) result in slower deliveries. Consequently, slow acceptance (due to poor workflow) means the customer will be more inclined to cancel their order or not reorder again in the future.

When using an aggregator, you improve your kitchen operations and minimize any room for errors, like accidentally handing over an order to the wrong delivery driver or missing an order altogether.

  1. Manage your online orders all in one place

It creates an integrated ecosystem that shares data between operations, bookings, and accounting giving you actionable insights into your sales, food costs, menus, and more. With Cuboh, it pays to aggregate all your online orders into one platform rather than run each app from its own tablet.

  1. Delight your customers

Remember that online reviews are what customers rely on most when deciding where to order food. The more exceptional and consistent the customer experience on every order received is, the more likely you are to retain the customer and improve order frequency.


Which delivery apps can I consolidate?

Cuboh integrates with all major third party delivery apps, including Uber Eats, DoorDash, Grubhub, SkipTheDishes, Chownow, and more. What is also important is being listed on multiple marketing/delivery platforms without increasing your employee's workflow. This  allows for greater market penetration without significantly increasing costs.

Integrators like Cuboh have auto-accept features that will confirm online orders on your behalf in under 0.2 seconds. For reference, delivery apps reward restaurants with orders accepted in under 7 seconds, so a platform like Cuboh will help you outrank your competitors. Even its POS integrations will also help you reduce errors and essentially automate your ordering workflow.


How about POS systems?

Cuboh also integrates with all major POS systems, like Clover, Square, Revel, Micros, Positouch, and many more!

Grow Orders, Save Time & Eliminate Tablet Chaos

Integrate your delivery apps and online orders with your POS and consolidate them into a single tablet. Helping you reduce order issues, grow your sales, and eliminate delivery headaches.

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