The Guide to Restaurant Order Management Software

The Guide to Restaurant Order Management Software

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Grow Orders, Save Time & Eliminate Tablet Chaos
Cuboh integrates your delivery apps and online orders with your POS and consolidates them into a single tablet.

A surge of third-party food delivery apps such as DoorDash, GrubHub, UberEats, and many more, has taken the foodservice industry by storm in recent years–changing the way many of us eat. 

For restaurants, this creates a new set of challenges to overcome, such as how to manage multiple delivery apps and track the revenue and profit of online orders.

One solution to these new challenges is called an order management system.

The Benefits of Order Management Software

Investing in ghost kitchen software is one of the best things you can do when you start an online restaurant. Such a system can improve accuracy and increase efficiency, opening doors to growth. Below are ways in which order management software can help you streamline your operations:

  • Aggregate orders: Order management software designed for the ghost kitchen can aggregate third-party delivery orders from all of the major delivery apps alongside your own online and mobile ordering platforms, funneling all orders into one queue for the restaurant staff. The result is that staff don't need to monitor multiple platforms for incoming orders.
  • Integrate with POS system: Order management software can also integrate directly with your POS system, eliminating the need for an employee to manually input the order into the kitchen's main system or to juggle multiple tablets provided by third-party delivery services. Without having to manage multiple tablets to process incoming orders, kitchen employees can perform their jobs more efficiently.
  • Access to real-time data: A POS system can help you develop strategic insights by simplifying how you manage data. With the click of a button, you can monitor sales and aggregate or compare all of the data from your delivery apps.

‍Everybody makes mistakes. From misreading an order to forgetting an ingredient, there's no shortage of things that can go wrong in the kitchen. While you can't eliminate mistakes entirely, you can reduce the likelihood of them happening by investing in restaurant tech. 

Cuboh is a high-quality order management platform designed to improve customer satisfaction rates by boosting efficiency and productivity. Here are some of the amenities we offer.

Why Choose Cuboh Order Management Software

Cuboh is a high-quality order management system that improves customer satisfaction by boosting efficiency and productivity. Here are some of the amenities we offer.

Consolidated Online Orders

With millions of people using third-party delivery applications to receive food, it's safe to say that online ordering has become part of the restaurant revolution. While food delivery offers easy access to consumers, it can be difficult to manage incoming orders from multiple services. Most restaurants receive a separate tablet for each third-party delivery application -- the result is running from one table to the other, struggling to meet every order.

Food technology like Cuboh helps you manage those orders by streamlining them to a single tablet. By using just one device instead of multiple, you can simultaneously quicken your workflow and reduce the likelihood of making a mistake. Other functions offered by Cuboh include:

  • Real-time integration with POS and restaurant SaaS systems
  • Separate POS for in-house orders
  • Separate printer for delivery orders

Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve faster, smoother deliveries. Making the effort to optimize your order management skills can have a huge impact on your customer satisfaction rates.

Manage Order Information

Every time a customer receives the wrong order, it reflects negatively on your brand. In some cases, the mistake might not even be your fault -- the delivery driver may have grabbed the wrong order. Getting the blame for something a delivery person did is frustrating. Fortunately, restaurant technology like Cuboh can help you get to the bottom of mistakes and prevent your brand name from being tarnished.

By storing order information, we offer proof of whether the driver, the restaurant or Cuboh itself was responsible for a mistake. If it's not your fault, you can let the customer know and alert the offending party (such as the third-party application or Cuboh). If the mistake was your fault, you can use the incident as a learning opportunity.

Use Restaurant Analytics

Every time a customer makes an order, they provide you with valuable information about your business. Cuboh stores details about your restaurant sales, giving you the knowledge you need to improve the customer experience. For example, previous orders can tell you which food items are popular (and which are not). With this information, you can do the following:

  • Optimize your menu by eliminating unpopular items
  • Reduce costs by only ordering ingredients you need
  • Encourage more sales by offering promotions for popular items

Cuboh also provides mobile app integration that shows the success of each delivery service, letting you adjust to focus on the more popular applications.

Get an easier way to manage your online orders

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Simplify the Order Process

Nobody likes getting the wrong ingredients in their dish. In the best-case scenario, it's a mild inconvenience. In the worst-case scenario, a wrong order can trigger a serious allergic reaction. You can reduce the risk of customers messing up their orders by providing an easy online ordering system on your website -- but how do you ensure that your staff doesn't make mistakes?

In addition to streamlining your orders and integrating with your POS system, Cuboh reduces mistakes through menu management. For instance, we can separate sides from main menu items, making it easier for kitchen staff to get the right ingredients every time.

Communicate With Delivery Drivers

Negative reviews are more powerful than positive ones -- statistics show that it takes 40 positive testimonials just to mitigate the damage done by one negative review. Cuboh reduces the chances of getting negative feedback by improving communications between restaurants and delivery drivers. One way we do this is by offering a "Dispatch" button, which lets restaurants contact drivers as soon as the food is ready.

Another delivery-based feature we provide is a "Quick Actions" function, which lets you modify multiple orders at once (without having to exit the main page). You can also mark each order with the following:

  • Completed
  • Process-up charges
  • Refunds

Smoother communication with delivery drivers results in faster deliveries, which keeps your customers happy.

Connect With Partners

One of the main benefits of Cuboh is our partners. When you sign up with us, you gain access to our exclusive partners, leading to an online order management ecosystem aimed at optimizing your customer relationships. Our partners include:

BBot and Lunchbox are first-party delivery applications that let you personalize your delivery services. Unlike third-party delivery applications, first-party apps give you total control over the ordering system. They also help reduce costs in the long run, as they don't require a 15%+ cut like third-party apps.

Market Man is an inventory management platform that reduces food and monetary losses by keeping careful track of your inventory. It logs, tracks and reports all of your ingredients and supplies, providing total control over your items and ensuring that nothing goes to waste unintentionally.

6 Tips for Training Your Staff on an Order Management System

When employees don't know how to use a new online ordering system, you end up with angry customers and frustrated employees. A key part of the successful implementation of a restaurant’s online order management system is to make sure your staff knows exactly how to use it. While they may also need generic training on the system platform, they have to know exactly how orders are placed by customers using your system and how that translates to an order being served in the restaurant or being prepared for delivery.

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1. An Overall Concept Helps Structure Successful Training

Order management systems are generally made up of sections that take care of ordering, fulfillment, and payment. For restaurants, these functions are usually split into in-restaurant dining and take-out/delivery. Your customized order management system may have additional sections that you want to include in the training. Creating an overall structure and familiarizing staff with it helps them see how their job fits into the system.

2. Employee Buy-In Helps Drive Training Success

Most people don’t love change. So when their boss introduces a new tool, they want to understand why that change is happening in the first place.

For employees, improvements are changes that let them work more efficiently or make their job easier. This can include higher customer satisfaction rates, which allows staff to reduce stressful interactions with angry customers.

Well-run online order management systems can make restaurant ordering more efficient. Customers can take their time making their selections and there is a clear record of orders with no ambiguity. Before starting the training, check for concrete employee benefits for the different types of jobs. Overall, revenue should increase, tips may be better and job stress may be lower.

3. Hands-On Training is the Most Effective

Before starting the training, determine how you can let employees place and execute orders on the system without entering them into your company records. Many systems have testing or training modes that let employees explore system functions without booking the orders. Employees should be able to experience how customers place orders, make choices and add tips. They can then make the connections between customer order placement and what they have to do in their job as a result. Such hands-on training gives the staff the confidence they need when dealing with customers within the new system.

4.  Training Toward Different Job Functions Saves Time

Not all employees have to know everything about the system. Once they have gained a conceptual overview, their training should be specific to their job. Such training modules identify what information the employee needs to carry out a specific job function. The module then shows the employee how to get the information needed and details what additional steps are required by the ordering system to make sure everyone works in an integrated fashion. When each employee can carry out the steps of their module, the whole online ordering system will work efficiently.

5. Testing Makes Sure Everyone Knows What to Do

Once you have completed the training, you have to make sure each employee has learned what they need to know. A fun way of testing the effectiveness of your training is to have an employee play the part of a customer and place an order. Different employees can play customers with different characteristics, problem customers, and customers who make mistakes. A comprehensive testing session makes sure that your customers are dealt with efficiently for normal order placement and that employees know what to do when things go wrong.

6. Follow-up Training Can Improve Performance

Even the best training can't cover all eventualities. A great way of finding issues for follow-up training is to ask employees to take brief notes when they or your customers have problems. When a number of such problems have been identified, a short follow-up training session can help address issues. Sometimes a simple discussion group, where employees describe the problem and find solutions, is effective in helping improve system performance. Often problems identified by one employee may already have been solved by others and there can be an exchange of experiences. Regular sessions like this keep staff engaged and focused on improving how the system works.

The above training features will work for any online order management system but you may have to customize them for your needs. You want your customers to be able to place orders easily and intuitively, to serve or deliver the orders quickly and reliably, and to provide a clear payment facility. When you show your employees how the order management system improves operations and train them to use it competently, you can achieve those aims.

Cuboh: The Key to Restaurant Innovation

Whether you're struggling to keep up with incoming orders or trying to optimize your menu items, Cuboh can help. Our menu management features, communication technology and exclusive partners work together to boost your efficiency and grow your business. Improve your customer service and order management by booking a demo today!

Grow Orders, Save Time & Eliminate Tablet Chaos

Integrate your delivery apps and online orders with your POS and consolidate them into a single tablet. Helping you reduce order issues, grow your sales, and eliminate delivery headaches.

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