Real Insights in Real-Time

Detailed Analytics for Informed Decision-Making.

Onboarding is Quick and Easy

1. Sign-up
As soon as you sign-up with Cuboh, an Account Manager will book a call to guide you through the onboarding process and introduce you to all the services we provide.
2. Connect Your Accounts & Kitchen Concepts
Connect all your restaurant delivery apps through Cuboh and integrate single or multiple kitchens concepts into our single dashboard.

Secure, quick and simple.
3. We Ship You A Tablet & Help You Get Set Up
We’ll courier you a Cuboh tablet that combines all online ordering apps.

When it arrives, your Account Manager will then help you get online quickly.
4. Automatically Integrate with Your POS
Cuboh automatically integrates with all common POS systems.

Create a natural online ordering process that is indistinguishable from orders made by staff — reducing human error and operational costs.
5. Start Taking Online Orders Immediately
Cuboh automatically processes all orders through your POS, creating tickets that funnel to your kitchen in the order they come in.

It’s like having an extra server on the floor to manage online ordering, helping you grow your delivery business.
6. Fine-tune Your Online Ordering System with Detailed Analytics
With real-time performance analytics, you can effortlessly adjust or scale your restaurant’s online ordering system.

Easily identify trends and make informed decisions based on what works and what doesn’t.

Join 1,000+ restaurants who trust Cuboh with their online ordering

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