Cuboh Merges with ChowNow, Furthering Its Mission of Empowering Restaurants

Cuboh Merges with ChowNow, Furthering Its Mission of Empowering Restaurants

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Grow Orders, Save Time & Eliminate Tablet Chaos
Cuboh integrates your delivery apps and online orders with your POS and consolidates them into a single tablet.

As a restaurant owner, you know that good business partners are the key to success. The same is true with companies that support restaurants. That’s why Cuboh is excited to announce that we’ve been acquired by ChowNow, the leader in online ordering and marketing platforms for independent restaurants.

Cuboh is committed to creating a smooth transition for its loyal customers and although they won’t experience any immediate changes, the product they have today will only continue to improve as a result of this acquisition.

Why This Is Good News for Restaurants

For over 10 years, ChowNow has championed independent restaurants by offering a complete suite of online ordering and marketing tools that make life easier. The company’s fair and transparent approach to online ordering gives restaurants more control and allows them to focus on creating the best culinary experience for their diners. The decision to unite made perfect sense for the Cuboh team.

“I’m excited for the next chapter of Cuboh under ChowNow,” says Juan Orrego, Cuboh’s CEO. “This team-up will increase the success of our restaurants by offering new opportunities to simplify their online ordering, marketing, and operations.” 

By combining Cuboh’s cutting-edge POS integration solutions with ChowNow’s restaurant-trusted ordering and marketing platform, we want to revolutionize online ordering for restaurants and diners. Integrating with ChowNow will help our restaurants tap into a unified and comprehensive suite of tools designed to make off-premise operations easier for everyone. 

“A unified approach saves money for both restaurants and diners, which, in turn, helps the industry,” says Chris Webb, CEO and co-founder of ChowNow. “Expanding with Cuboh lets us provide more value to more people.” 

The Changes Ahead

Our Cuboh customers will soon be able to access ChowNow’s platform. This includes ChowNow Pro, the Order Better Network, the ChowNow app, and Flex Delivery

It’s an exciting evolution that promises to bring more value, efficiency, and profitability for everyone. The benefits include: 

Superior Online Ordering 

From the beginning, we set out to simplify the management of multiple delivery apps for restaurants. With ChowNow, our customers will have access to an expansive list of tools to manage their entire off-premise operation. This includes online-ordering tools like a branded mobile app for repeat and on-the-go diners, a ChowNow-exclusive website widget to encourage diners to order directly through a restaurant’s website, and access to 20+ high traffic sites through the Order Better Network. With more exposure to a wider range of diners, you’ll be able to get more orders. Cuboh’s restaurant customers will be able to upgrade to receive all of this.  

Powerful Marketing Tools

Restaurants must be able to engage and retain their customers. To help them do that, ChowNow offers powerful tools for creating branded websites, automated email marketing campaigns, print marketing campaigns, photoshoots for better menu images, and more. They even have a restaurant membership program to offer repeat customers discounts (and encourage them to order more often). This is all complemented by actionable customer insights and reporting for targeted outreach.

Streamlined Operations

From delivery support with flat-rate pricing to comprehensive POS and menu management, the combined Cuboh and ChowNow platform will be able to simplify and optimize restaurant operations. The order management tool will help you quickly accept, edit, search, and refund orders, and will even send out automatic order confirmations to keep diners up-to-date about their delivery.   

Expanded Customer Reach

With new ChowNow services like the Order Better Network, the ChowNow Marketplace, and SEO-optimized websites, your online ordering is plugged into all channels that drive diner decisions, extending your restaurant’s reach in the digital landscape. With more exposure to a wider range of diners, you’ll be able to receive more orders.

Trusted Support

Our commitment to your restaurant’s success remains unwavering. As part of that, we’ll be able to offer Cuboh customers round-the-clock support through ChowNow, to help you deal with any issues. ChowNow’s team comes with over 500 years of in-restaurant experience to help you achieve your goals.  

A Brighter Future for Restaurants

This acquisition marks the beginning of a new chapter for ChowNow and Cuboh, one that continues to prioritize accelerated growth and increased profitability for restaurants. We look forward to sharing more updates soon as we work through this transition. 

To take advantage of ChowNow and Cuboh together, schedule a demo with us.

Grow Orders, Save Time & Eliminate Tablet Chaos

Integrate your delivery apps and online orders with your POS and consolidate them into a single tablet. Helping you reduce order issues, grow your sales, and eliminate delivery headaches.

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