How the Calculator Works 

When building the calculator, we wanted to balance making it easy to use while also providing accurate results. If we ask for too little, then the final number isn’t really all that useful. On the other hand, if we ask for too much info the calculator becomes cumbersome and difficult to use.

That was step one.

Order Handling Time

Without an order aggregator like Cuboh, when you receive an order from a delivery app it has to be input into your POS or kitchen printer.

Similar to if you had a server take an order from a table–it has to be entered manually into the system. Research has shown that on average this takes 2 minutes.

# of orders per day X 2 mins per order / 60 minutes per hour = Order handling time per day (in hours)

Order Handling Cost 

You clearly have to pay your staff, so that order handling time isn’t free.

Our service is based on a monthly charge, so the daily order handing time is multiplied by 30 to get the monthly number. All of that is multiplied by your average hourly wage to arrive at the monthly order handling cost. 

Order handling time X  30 days X Average hourly wage = Monthly order handling cost

Human Error Cost

Lastly, when you have people entering orders into your system manually, mistakes happen.

It’s not usually a big deal, but it can be a pain to deal with and can hurt your reputation. It’s an especially big pain to get online orders wrong because the order then has to get re-delivered.

The industry average for mistakes is 5%, that’s 1 in every 20 orders. 

# of orders per day X 5% = Number of mistakes per day

Number of mistakes X average order value = Cost of mistakes per day

Cost of mistakes per day X 30 = Cost of mistakes per month

Total Savings

To get the final savings number we combine the two dollar amounts above and subtract Cuboh’s monthly fee.

For this we’ve used Cuboh’s lowest tier of $80, however this could be higher depending on your volume tier. 

Order Handling Cost + Human Error Cost - Cuboh Monthly Fee = Total Saving