Commission Free Ordering with Cuboh Storefront

Generate more revenue and turn third-party orders into your own commission-free customers with Cuboh Storefront, our direct ordering solution for your website. It's easy to set up and best of all, it's completely free.
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FREE Direct online ordering for your restaurant

  • Make menu changes on the fly from one
single dashboard

  • Give your customers the cheapest rates - We integrate with all delivery drivers from Doordash, Uber Eats, Relay, and more

  • No monthly fees or commissions

  • User friendly and easy to navigate inter face for customers

  • One-click checkout available - close more sales!

How does it work?

Cuboh Storefront allows you to directly sell to your customers from your very own online store, avoiding fees from third-party delivery apps.

Push your menu to your storefront

Create your menu, or import it from your POS. Push it live to your site with the click of a button

POS Integrations

Receive all orders on your POS. If you use multiple 3rd party delivery apps, you can integrate them to Cuboh as well and use only one tablet

Delivery Integrations

We integrate with all delivery drivers from Doordash, Uber, Relay, and more. When a customer places an order through your storefront, we will send the cheapest, and closest driver to you

set up Your Cuboh Storefront in less than 30 minutes

~20 min
Stripe account set up
5 min
Create or import your Storefront Menu
5 min
Add ORDER NOW button

Cuboh Storefront vs other storefronts

You got questions and we got answers. Learn why Cuboh Storefront is the perfect way to increase your restaurant's revenue.

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Cuboh Storefront Integrations

Our Storefront is integrated with the rest of the Cuboh features stack making the upkeep minimal. Menu updates, 86ing, orders and everything else available with your Cuboh subscription.

Cuboh Storefront is Free

Cuboh Storefront is free, unlike all other providers. We don’t charge a monthly fee and you get to keep all revenue from your sales through your Storefront.

Less online ordering fees means more revenue for you.

Who Delivers the Food?

We integrate with all delivery drivers from Doordash, Uber, Relay, etc, giving consumers the cheapest rate to help them checkout faster.

Faster deliveries means returning customers for you.

A Website Designed To Sell More

Our interface is modelled after Uber and Doordash which makes it look familiar to your customers. We have an 85% average conversion. Other providers look clunky and have very low checkout rates.

Easier to navigate means more sales for you.

One-click Checkout

We offer a one-click checkout functionality which makes it fast for customers to order.

Less steps ordering means more sales for you.

Ready to See Cuboh in Action?

Get in touch with us to learn more about Cuboh, see our platform for yourself, or ask questions.