Can Delivery Apps Keep Up with Staggering Amounts of Orders?

COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of our lives, but perhaps no industry has been as affected as the restaurant business. The restrictions put in place to curtail the spread of the coronavirus has caused a tremendous increase in online ordering over the last year. While online ordering offers convenience and helps limit the spread of the virus, the increase in deliveries has also caused a rise in the number of mistakes for many delivery services. Unfortunately, this has compelled many of these applications to raise their prices in order to keep up.

The influx of online orders has led to people questioning whether or not delivery systems can keep up. Even if they have the best infrastructure in place to keep track of orders, there's bound to be some mistakes.

Delivery App Mistakes

No one likes opening their bag of food and reaching in to begin enjoying their much-anticipated order only to discover it's not correct. An increasing number of customers have dealt with incorrect orders. Sometimes it can be a minor inconvenience on the part of the restaurant, such as the chef accidentally adding onions when the customer requested none. However, many times the fault lies with the delivery company, and these mistakes are usually more drastic. The drivers employed by the delivery system might accidentally grab the wrong order or leave something behind. In worst-case scenarios, an innocent mistake can be downright dangerous, such as when a customer is allergic to the food.

When the wrong food is delivered, it can be difficult for the customer to know where to place the blame. This uncertainty could cause them to question the credibility of that restaurant and refrain from ordering from them ever again.

Longer Wait Times

For some time now, hungry customers ordering food online have been forced to wait even longer than usual to receive their orders. Although this may not seem like a serious problem, it's part of a greater issue that has yet to be resolved.

The coordination between delivery apps and the lack of necessary delivery drivers has caused a ripple in the distribution process for these services. This need for more delivery drivers has forced many companies, such as UberEats and Grubhub, to increase prices based on demand.

Rising Costs

With almost everyone ordering online these days, it's hard for delivery companies to keep up. The rise in online ordering since COVID-19 has been substantial, and current restaurant trends aren't projected to change anytime soon.

Unfortunately, this has caused the cost of delivery services to rise to maintain the demand. While many delivery apps have adjusted the fees they typically charge restaurants for using their services, prices have only gone up for the average consumer.

Manage the Chaos

The days of solely using a pen and pad to take orders are all but gone, and the notion of the brick-and-mortar restaurant is trailing closely. More and more restaurant owners are embracing the ghost kitchen design, which eliminates traditional seating and relies solely on online orders.

While this format may be ideal for an era that's increasingly dependent on technology, ghost kitchens still have to manage the difficulties that come with online ordering. As delivery apps struggle to keep up with the influx of orders, kitchens need to ensure that their business is not negatively affected.

One of the central factors in their success is properly utilizing delivery apps and online ordering, which is now almost essential to survive in the current market. However, coordinating between all of the online delivery apps and the orders placed through them can be a real nightmare.

Fortunately, there are ways to simplify the process of managing orders so that you don't get left behind trying to keep up. Staying current with the restaurant trends and maintaining the proper restaurant technology can be the difference between your business succeeding and your restaurant closing down in the first year.

By stream-lining everything to one device with Cuboh, restaurant owners can process their orders with ease, reducing the number of mistakes that might otherwise occur. Instead of scouring through a plethora of devices to locate your next order, why not make it simple and use Cuboh? The platform also sends orders to your POS system in real-time, making it easy to flip back and forth between your tablet and POS device. The ability to eliminate unnecessary work is only a few clicks away.

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Eliminating the need to check several devices while managing your business, kitchen and orders is a real time-saver and game-changer. If you're interested in a better way to help streamline your ghost kitchen, remember to keep Cuboh in mind. You already work hard enough, so why not make your job a little simpler?

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