Top Food Delivery Trends

Top Food Delivery Trends

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As 2021 marches on, restaurants are left trying to determine how they can remain profitable while balancing the need to remain safe during the pandemic. The trends that you'll likely see with restaurants this year have a lot to do with the pandemic and how it's affecting the industry.

These are some of the top trends that are already happening or expected to happen in 2021.

Order Delivery Through Apps

Delivery apps act a go-between for restaurants and customers. You don't have to worry about hiring delivery personnel when you use these apps to get your food out to customers. Typically, the delivery driver will pick up the order and either hand it to the customer or place it at the customer's door. One important point to think about with this is whether the delivery driver will obtain proof of the delivery, such as a picture of the food by the door if it isn't handed directly to the customer.

One positive aspect about delivery apps is that they expand the restaurant's customer base considerably. Even people who are wary of dining in or unable to drive to the location can try out the food. For a struggling restaurant, this could be a lifeline, but restaurants must ensure they can meet the demands that come with delivery app inclusion.

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Ghost Kitchens

Ghost kitchens, which are sometimes referred to as ghost kitchens, don't offer the in-person dining experience and often take place within other restaurants or temporary facilities. Some people do these kitchens out of food trucks. They must be fully licensed in accordance with local laws, so there is some preparation required. The benefit of this option is that you can choose to utilize only food delivery services with online ordering so that you can keep costs down.

Focused Menu Lists

While many restaurants once prided themselves on having a lengthy menu, many find that cutting down the menu to specific best-selling items is beneficial. It's expected that this whittled down menu trend will continue long after the pandemic is a distant memory because restaurants will become better known for the items they are the best at making. This is also a good time for restaurants to find new creative takes on the things they serve.

Alcohol To Go

Changes to some laws because of the pandemic make it possible for restaurants to sell alcohol to go. This can increase the profits of businesses if the transactions are handled properly. Some choose to use food delivery apps to handle this so that they can ensure the customer isn't going to drink the alcohol on the way home.

Online Ordering

Even restaurants that don't offer delivery services can utilize online ordering to help get orders in. This reduces the contact between employees and customers since the payments and ordering are done online. If you want to increase the customer base even more, offer curbside pickup so that customers don't even have to leave their vehicles in order to get their food.

Grow Orders, Save Time & Eliminate Tablet Chaos

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