How to Increase Your Ranking on Online Delivery Apps

How to Increase Your Ranking on Online Delivery Apps

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Many restaurants rely on online delivery apps to help boost business. For these businesses, it's imperative that they to rank as close to the top of the list of restaurants as possible. This isn't always an easy feat, but taking small steps to get there is beneficial.

Tips to Increase Your Ranking on Delivery Apps

One of the most important ways that you can boost your ranking within online delivery apps is to place the primary focus on customer satisfaction. This can be challenging because your restaurant is also counting on people who aren't employed by you to provide impeccable service. Consider these points as you finetune your delivery options using the available restaurant tech.

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Provide Accurate Information

Customers who are looking at your restaurant's takeout menu on the online delivery service app might not be familiar with what you serve. Having accurate information, including high-quality pictures can make it easier for them to know what they want.

Within each item, you should describe exactly what's included so they can easily choose what best fits their needs. This is when having an easy-to-use interface and good website readability are important. If you have various sizes of the same item, clearly denote how much the customer gets with each order. This helps them to ensure they order enough food.

Providing accurate descriptions can also help to prevent claims that your restaurant isn't providing a good value. For example, if you serve fried chicken and have two options for three-piece meals, noting what pieces are in each could prevent reviews that claim the person expected a breast but got a thigh instead.

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Expedite Delivery Orders

Try to set your process to prioritize delivery orders. This can reduce the amount of time your customers have to wait to get the food they order. For some customers, the speed of the delivery is a primary factor when they're deciding where to order from.

Expediting delivery orders also enables you to maximize your profits. More orders, as long as they're prepared in a high-quality manner, mean more money for your business. Speedy service can also earn your company repeat business.

Package Orders for Transport

You can't package orders for delivery in a haphazard manner. Instead, you need to think about how you can package the food so the customer gets the quality they expect. This has to be balanced with the cost of takeout containers.

Choosing containers that securely close is important for liquids. Bread and other items that might get squished during transport should be in a container that reduces the chance of them getting smashed.

In many cases, you'll need to package items separately. This could mean putting the mashed potatoes and gravy in a container by itself so the gravy and potatoes don't end up mixed with the grilled turkey breast.

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Many customers want the foods to get to them hot. Insulated containers can help with this, so be sure to consider that property when you're choosing takeout items for your restaurant.

When you're dealing with delivery apps, you have to remember that the drivers aren't really invested in ensuring that the food from your virtual kitchen is fresh when it gets to the customer. Many drivers won't even know if everything is in the bag because of the current order sealing procedures that help customers to know that their food hasn't been tampered with.

Instead, these delivery drivers simply try to get it there within the delivery deadline. The packaging you choose might be the only control that you have over the presentation of the food at the time of delivery.

Encourage Customer Reviews

Small things can improve your restaurant reviews. Something as simple as including a card or sticker thanking the customer for their order may be beneficial. This shows the customer that you appreciate them supporting your restaurant.

Be sure that you include everything the customer needs to enjoy their meal. Many customers who are ordering delivery aren't home so they don't have things like napkins and utensils handy. Include those in every order so your customers can eat their meal no matter where they are.

Boost Efficiency with a Delivery App Aggregator

Running a restaurant in this economy isn't easy. Making simple changes to your business model and service methods can help you to boost delivery sales so the business can thrive.

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Grow Orders, Save Time & Eliminate Tablet Chaos

Integrate your delivery apps and online orders with your POS and consolidate them into a single tablet. Helping you reduce order issues, grow your sales, and eliminate delivery headaches.

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