The Uber Eats Guide for Restaurants: 2024

The Uber Eats Guide for Restaurants: 2024

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Uber Eats is one of the most popular food delivery apps in North America, so if you’re looking to grow your sales, Uber Eats is a must. If you're thinking of signing up your restaurant on Uber Eats, or just want to know how to optimize your listing, we have a thorough guide below.

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How Does Uber Eats Work?

The purpose of Uber Eats is to provide customers with a variety of food options available for delivery through easy selection and ordering.

Let’s run through how you can have food delivered to your door from endless restaurants. 

1. You'll see all the restaurants you can order from when you're logged into your account. Note that:

a) Restaurants that pay for the Lite Plan, however, won't show up in searches on the Uber Eats app. Customers will only find them if they enter the restaurant’s name.

b) You can also search for a specific dish, ingredient, or even by the type of cuisine you want.


The other plans include placement in the in-app search function, as well as placement on the homepage of the app. While it's a bit more expensive to go with the higher plans through Uber Eats, those are the more effective options. More information on Uber Eats Pricing later. 

2. A customer places the order on the app and specifies either “pick up” or “delivery”. They pay for the order and other fees during check out. 

Businesses don't have to be concerned with people ordering food and not paying like what can happen with call-in orders.

3. With Uber Eats, you can accept or decline orders. If you accept,

a) Your restaurant will start making the food, and Uber Eats will assign a delivery person (if the order is being delivered).

b) The delivery person comes to your restaurant with the order identification information.

c) They ensure your order stays fresh and hot as the expected Uber Eats quality.


4. The Uber Eats driver should arrive at your front door within 30 to 50 minutes. It can take less or more time depending on other factors.

Registering for an Uber Eats Account

Adding restaurants on Uber Eats is very easy.

1. You can sign up by clicking here. You'll have to fill out basic information about your restaurant, like:

·  Name of the restaurant

·  Address

·  Owner information

·  Business type (food, liquor, etc...)


2. Create and upload your menu. You can create it from scratch, or use a tool like Cuboh to import it from your POS or another delivery service.

We strongly encourage you to use a 3rd party integrator if you are using other delivery apps, otherwise managing all of your menus and orders will be cumbersome and more difficult to manage. By having a central place to manage all of your online orders from the various delivery platforms, you’ll save time and reduce order errors that could result in negative customer experiences. Check out Cuboh, a leading 3rd party aggregator.

How Much Does Uber Eats Cost?

The cost of Uber Eats for merchants depends on the package you choose. However, all orders that are created for pick up by the customer have a 6% fee based on the pretax total for each order. The delivery fee ranges from 15% to 30%, depending on the package you choose. You can't look only at the costs, you also need to look at the perks and limitations of each of these options.

Uber Eats also offers add-on services that can help to boost your visibility. These include marketing tools, such as loyalty programs and promotions. The Premium Uber Eats package includes benefits, such as ad matching credits and a specific guarantee for at least 25 orders.

Because of the Uber Eats cost model, you can adjust the pricing on to-go items to cover the costs. Our recommendation is to go for the most premium tier, at least to start. That way you can get your order history built and make it easier for future customers to order. Nobody wants to be the first to order from a restaurant on Uber Eats without a rating, so you will want to get as much visibility as possible at the beginning.

Be sure you think about the expense of packaging the food. These factors, as well as the cost of the food and preparation, have to go into the price you charge your customers on Uber Eats.


Just remember that some costs of eat-in dining don't apply here. These include things like having to wash the dishes from dine-in service and the cost of free drink refills. It can also include labor costs, such as bussers and hostesses.

Some restaurants choose to start out with the same price as the dine-in service when they sign up for delivery services. Others increase the price just enough to cover the fee from the delivery service. Take a look at your restaurant's bottom line to determine which is the best option for your needs. 90% of Cuboh restaurants upcharge through the delivery apps to even out their margin.

How often will I get paid?

Uber Eats has a weekly payout schedule. Please note that order adjustments (like refunds) and cancellations will be excluded from your payments.

Where is Uber Eats Available?

Uber Eats is available all across the United States and Canada. There are also locations where you can get it around the world. These are typically bigger cities that have many restaurants to choose from, as well as places where tourists might want to try fare from different iconic places. Some international locations include:

  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Paris, France

Many cities across the United States, even smaller areas, have Uber Eats available. One thing that can affect the service customers receive is how many delivery drivers are working in the area. Some areas are oversaturated with delivery drivers. Others don't have enough drivers so orders might take longer to get to customers.

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How to Increase Your Sales on Uber Eats

The convenience of using Uber Eats means that restaurants can reach a wider customer base and potentially increase their sales. But it all comes down to how much visibility you have. 

Think of Uber Eats as a search engine like Google. How many times have you Googled something and clicked on a website ranked on the second page? The higher you rank, the more sales you will get. For customers to keep selecting your restaurant on Uber Eats to get their favorite meal delivered to their doorstep, you need to stay afloat in the fierce competition.


These tips should improve your rankings, get you more orders, and boost your sales.

1. Improve star ratings and online reviews: A good review rating can push your Uber Eats ranking and business on top of search results.

2. Allow placement for advanced orders: If customers with hectic schedules can place orders in advance to have their food when they want it, that’ll bring in a more positive customer experience overall.

3. Deliver Dishes Faster: The quicker dishes are ready, the better.

4. Provide discounts or special offers: Occasional discounts for customers are a good way to entice them to order from your restaurant. Food promotions are always enticing.

5. Customize orders for your customers: Let your customers request modifications to a dish's ingredients and preparation, and they will appreciate you.

Uber “Top Eats” Badge

White there are proven strategies for increasing your listing’s ranking in Uber Eats (more on this later), you can also score top placements in the app by earning a Top Eats badge.

Uber Eats rewards outstanding restaurants with a Top Eats badge. Specific criteria for your restaurant is evaluated every 90 days, and if you earn this badge, Uber Eats will thank you with a top placement in the app. 

So, what is the criteria that Uber Eats looks at to decide if your restaurant is worthy of the badge? Here is what they focus on:

  • Average Star Rating
  • Completed Orders 
  • Online Rate
  • Missed Order Rate
  • Inaccurate Order Rate

The above criteria, if highly scored, signals to Uber Eats that you’re keeping customers happy and providing reliable service. For this, you’ll earn a top spot in the app for the next 90 days. It is possible to lose your status if your stats go down, so keep that in mind. You can learn more about the Top Eats badge here.

Proven Tips and Tricks for Increasing Your Rankings

While increasing sales and earning the Top Eats badge are great ways to maximize value from your Uber Eats listing, there are only a few proven ways to boost your organic rankings in the app. 

1. Order accuracy and rating

2. Order acceptance speed

3. Distance


Essentially, Uber Eats wants to send orders to a restaurant that will get the order right, will accept it quickly to prevent the customer from canceling, and that is close by. You can't control your location, but you can control the other two items.

Most restaurants make order mistakes when having to transfer their orders from the Uber Eats tablet to their POS. This also slows the speed at which your staff can accept incoming orders

We recommend using an online ordering manager like Cuboh. It comes with settings like order auto-accept and POS integrations which will automate the whole online ordering workflow for you. Uber Eats wants to see an order accepted in under 7 seconds. Cuboh auto-accepts orders in less than 0.2 seconds, which will help you outrank all of your competitors.

Grow Orders, Save Time & Eliminate Tablet Chaos

Integrate your delivery apps and online orders with your POS and consolidate them into a single tablet. Helping you reduce order issues, grow your sales, and eliminate delivery headaches.

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