15 Best Blogs About The Restaurant and Food Industry for 2024

15 Best Blogs About The Restaurant and Food Industry for 2024

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Let’s be honest here - even though the age of blogs has come to an end, a high-quality blog is simply refreshing. You get to see insights and thoughts that, realistically, you’d never get without reading them - and that’s quite a valuable tool to get for free online! As such, we felt it was time to put together a collection of the absolute best blogs covering the restaurant and food industries.

We’ve got a good, ole’ fashioned listicle coming, so let’s not waste any time. Here are the best blogs about restaurant management and service industry without further ado.


Okay - you knew this was coming. I mean, let’s be honest for a second - you’re reading this on our site. Did you really think we would just not plug our own blog? Come on - I write it, you read it, you love it - that’s our whole dynamic here!

For those who somehow don’t already know, Cuboh is the best resource on the web for ghost kitchen and virtual restaurant owners, chefs, and FoH alike. We offer insights on how to grow your business, build brand recognition, and hook up with the best third-party delivery services on the market. And best of all, we just so happen to offer the best restaurant POS middleware on the market - so come take a look if you haven’t already. 

With that said, it’s about time to wrap. Take a look at a few of my personal favorite articles if you’ve got a few to spare. If you’re looking to build your knowledge of the industry and network a bit, the best conferences for restaurant and ghost kitchen entrepreneurs article is likely for you.  And if you’re trying to get your business up and off the ground, check out our article on how to create a bangin’ website for your restaurant or ghost kitchen.

Marketing Tech Blog

This is a bit of an outlier on our list. Rather than focus on the restaurant industry alone, the Marketing Tech Blog is dedicated to discussing marketing for all businesses. And in this day and age, marketing is more important than ever - businesses live and die by their digital and physical public presence.

This makes the Marketing Tech Blog a fantastic resource for new restauranteurs who are curious about how to grow their name. You’ll find articles discussing the value of swag, the best ways to clean up your sales, and much more. While many are loathe to be associated with marketing, the reality of the situation is that it is your business’s most prominent asset (behind your food) - so don’t skip out on discovering best practices from the Marketing Tech Blog. 

Restaurant Business Online

Restaurant Business Online (RBO) is a blog focused on giving business owners and restauranteurs a clear place to find all the information they could need to grow their business. Specifically, they focus on legal issues, economic news, and benchmarks for success in online restaurants. 

And if you’re a chef, you’ll find equal value here, too. Whether you need help coming up with a unique restaurant concept, want to discover cooking demos or tips, or even find out why various brands rank so well in customer satisfaction and sales, you’ll be pleased to know that each of those lives on RBO’s blog.


Whether you’re in the heart of the Big Apple or across the globe, New York City is widely considered the Mecca of dining, both fine and otherwise. As such, everyone in the industry needs to keep an eye on the goings-on of the city; who’s doing what, why, and where are they opening? Each of these may seem unimportant for those on the west coast or beyond, but they allow you access to a massive sample size to judge how various ideas will go down in your locale.

GrubStreet focuses on industry news (including highlights on criminal proceedings for famous chefs, surprisingly) and features on those in the industry, unique joints, and so much more. If you’re in the service industry, I highly recommend keeping an eye on GrubStreet to catch all of the most essential news from our field’s largest market - New York City.


Eater, as their name implies, carries a focus on urban food. While they don’t particularly cater to restauranteurs or business owners, the insights they bring are equally valuable to both. This is because they focus on the dining side of things, and short of interviewing every guest, you just can’t get that type of insight under normal circumstances.

Reading Eater’s content will allow you to see who’s opening nearby, when, where, and learn what the public thinks about them. You’ll also be able to access forums alight with activity from industry professionals, customers, and business owners alike, providing a uniquely large community with which to interact.


Those in the restaurant and service industries likely already know this name. Foodable is a media company that brings a combination of standard blog content alongside videos, podcasts, and virtual events. They aim to educate restauranteurs and business owners on the finer details of managing the day-to-day restaurant work.

With a focus on the B2B (business-to-business) side of things, this is a fantastic resource to learn industry best practices, discover new and upcoming technology to make your life easier, and much more.

Modern Restaurant Management

Modern Restaurant Management’s (MRM) name rather says it all, doesn’t it? This blog focuses on helping both new restaurant managers and service vets adapt to our ever-changing industry. The MRM blog has a massive swathe of varying content. If you need to learn about marketing, they’ve got you covered. And technology, finance, law, design, and basic operations are equally well-represented, too.

In short, MRM is a fantastic resource for restaurant and ghost kitchen managers. It will help you discover industry trends, fine-tune your menu and overhead costs, etc. Seriously - MRM is one of my favorite blogs and has been for years; as a chef of nearly a decade, I happily endorse this blog, and think you will, too.

The Restauranteur by KLR

The Restauranteur is a blog owned by KLR, a group of highly diverse CPAs and business advisors. As such, their focus on the blog is a bit more technical, but that doesn’t make it boring! The writers at The Restauranteur focus on data and legal trends that will help you run your business efficiently.

From hospitality trends to changes made by the Department of Labor, The Restauranteur covers it all in nitty-gritty detail. This brings a unique view that many business owners simply don’t have. If you’re trying to find a reliable source of fact-checked, data-driven insights into the service industry, The Restauranteur is one of the best resources you’ll find on the web.


For those of you out there who run the bars that make our world go-'round, this one is for you. BevSpot focuses explicitly on the drink side of restaurants and bars. Whether you’re a bartender or business owner, there are quite a few handy insights on offer with BevSpot’s blog.

They cover restaurant culture, management, industry best practices, and even discuss the finer points of creating a memorable drink menu. And for those seeking a more technical dive into drinks, BevSpot has that, too. They discuss the math that helps bartenders calculate various volume levels, when to order (and what), and so much more that I legitimately can’t list it all here.

The Restaurant Expert

The Restaurant Expert focuses on the nitty-gritty numbers side of running a restaurant, similar to KLR’s publication above. However, their specific content is driven by the technology side of things, rather than the money and legal side seen in other blogs on this list.

What sets the Restaurant Expert apart from its competition is actually similar to what we do here at Cuboh - educate restauranteurs on the best ways to invest in their business; specifically, technology. The site's original focus revolved around coaching business owners through old-school methods but has since shifted to focus on their restaurant management software. 

GrubHub Blog (AKA The Feed)

Be honest here - you know what (and who) GrubHub is. If you don’t, let me ask you this - what rock have you lived under for the past ten years? And perhaps more importantly - is it cozy?       I could use a nap… Nonetheless, GrubHub’s massive name brings a tinge of credibility - after all, they’ve done and seen more than most similar restaurant software groups has, and in much less time!

You’ll find an incredible range of content on offer at The Feed (GrubHub’s blog). They offer the usual “top x tips to do y thing” articles, but what’s truly helpful is their content related to marketing and growing brand recognition. That is, in fact, their forte - so it couldn’t hurt to listen to what they have to say, right?

Restaurant Den

The Restaurant Den is a design and online ordering service that just so happens to have a blog. While (obviously) their first priority is pushing their design and ordering services, they also have a good bit of handy information to offer those who are curious enough to read through their blog. 

You’ll find detailed accounts of accounting management systems, cloud POS software reviews, and even systems to manage your Yelp page! While it may seem a bit tech mumbo-jumbo-y at first, the more you read, the more you’ll learn. So if you’re looking for a helpful resource for all things restaurant tech, look no further - the Restaurant Den is likely your best stop.

Fast Casual

Fast Casual is one of the longest-standing restaurant industry blogs on the internet. Founded in 1997, they cover just about anything you can imagine that’s related to the fast-casual restaurant scene. In fact, Fast Casual is likely the best resource for restaurant news that you could find.

Why do I say that? Because their staff is a long-standing pillar of the restaurant community, reporting industry news, revealing best practices, and highlighting those who do things well. They create video and audio content, as well as the usual blog posts and articles, and make for a fantastic resource to find tips on marketing your business, building payment funnels, and much, much more.


Foodable is an extremely well-known name in the industry, and for a good reason. They’re the premier one-stop-shop for all things restaurant - from podcasts and articles to full-on coaching sessions and insights; there’s a touch of something for everyone at Foodable’s blog. 

Perhaps their most important offering, though, is their insights tab. Here, you’ll find insights (duh) into what industry thought leaders are doing to improve their business. And if you’re a restaurant owner, chef, or someone involved in the industry, these insights will go leaps and bounds to provide you with the absolute best information to build your name.


OpenTable is another well-known name in the food service. The site's original purpose was an online reservation service founded in 1998. Since then, they’ve grown incredibly with the internet and increased virtual branding for restaurants (which is vital nowadays, if you didn’t know already).

Beyond the original service, though, OpenTable has developed a bustling blog over the years. With insights on best practices, ideas on marketing and unique popups, and more, you’ll find a little bit of something for everyone on OpenTable. Learn how to build a cocktail program or find a digital marketing checklist, and you’ll be sold on OpenTable, just like me.


Folks who work in the restaurant and food industry understand the importance of food safety. What’s more, they can appreciate just how challenging it can be to manage food safety systems — from implementing a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) plan to monitoring (and verifying) tasks across multiple restaurants and kitchens.

FoodDocs is a smart HACCP Food Safety System. Their blog is an industry-leading publication that shares in-depth content about getting (and staying) compliant, tools for implementing the best food safety management systems, the latest certification or standard updates, and more. It also boasts 100+ free food safety templates that FOH and BOH restaurant staff love.

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