9 Ghost Kitchens in NYC You Should Check Out

9 Ghost Kitchens in NYC You Should Check Out

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New York City is a melting pot of people who bring cultures from around the world with them. Being able to taste all the delectable dishes from these places isn't an easy feat. Some people might be tempted to try to enjoy new foods by going into restaurants and dining in, but this can seriously limit how many dishes you can try.

Whether you're in New York City as a tourist or proudly call the city home, you can enjoy trying a vast array of food items by turning to ghost kitchens. These delivery-only restaurants boast some of the amazing homestyle cooking that's authentic to cultures all over the globe. When you're in New York City, take the time to order food from these top-notch ghost kitchens.

Woldy Kusina

Woldy Kusina is a modern Filipino ghost kitchen that fuses classic Filipino comfort foods with plant-based dishes. The foods you order from this restaurant are bold. You can find sour, sweet, and spicy options.

What should you try?

  • Crispy mushroom bulaklak
  • Pancit noodle bowl
  • Bibingka coconut + rice cake

My Cookie Dealer

My Cookie Dealer specializes in bringing half-pound cookies right to your door. They offer a Stash pack that's a mixture of at least five flavors with up to two cookies per flavor. Stash isn't customizable but it includes 10 cookies. The other package is the Moving Weight package, which must equal 5, 10, or 20 cookies.

What should you try?

  • Melt in Your Mouth
  • Cherry toaster pastry
  • What's Up Quack

Pecking House

Pecking House is a unique New York City ghost kitchen that serves Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. This isn't a dining option you can choose at the last minute. It's so wildly popular that it operates on a waiting list system.

What should you try?

  • Fried chicken dinner
  • Dirty fried rice
  • Tomato-tofu salad


Costata isn't a name that many New Yorkers are familiar with, unless you mention that this is now the only place to get some of the most beloved items from the now-closed Altamarea Group restaurant that was once located on Spring Street in Manhattan. This is fine-dining food delivered right to your Manhattan address.

What should you try?

  • Signature 40-oz, 40-day dry-aged Tomahawk ribeye steak dinner
  • Fusilli with pork shoulder ragu
  • Handmade tiramisu

City Dumpling

City Dumpling offers handmade dumplings in a variety of flavors. Everything is done by hand, including chopping the meat and other fillings. Each type of dumpling features its own special colored wrapper, which is created with natural colorings. There are meat-based and vegetarian options.

What should you try?

  • Variety box that includes five of each of the six flavors
  • Spicy beef dumplings with a chili powder wheat wrapper
  • Lamb and cilantro with a wheat wrapper

Dre's Desserts

Dre's Desserts is a ghost kitchen that operates on a weekly pre-order basis. They post a menu for the following week on Monday. You have to get your order in by noon on Thursday for the following week. You have to check the Instagram page to find out what's being offered. Some of the fan favorites include red velvet ice cream infused with whiskey and golden butter chocolate chip cookies.

What should you try?

  • Sweet potato ice cream pie
  • Peanut butter and jam French toast vegan ice cream
  • Peppermint mocha martini spiked ice cream (21+)

Apocalypse Burger

Apocalypse Burger brings traditional burgers to a new level. With specialty sauces like white BBQ and wasabi aioli, there's nothing boring about these burgers. This ghost kitchen also has vegetarian options that don't leave anything to be desired. Any burger can be made with the impossible patty.

What should you try?

  • Smashpocalypse burger
  • Instawag burger
  • Fried mushroom "chicken" sandwich

Maison Fleche'

Maison Fleche' offers a variety of specialty sourdough bread. These loaves are all made by hand. You must pre-order with deliveries made on Monday through Wednesday. You can also find pastries and syrup on this ghost kitchen's menu. Orders are only taken via direct message on Instagram for delivery.

What should you try?

  • Olive & oregano bread
  • Adult only cookie
  • Ginger syrup

Sermon Kitchen

Sermon Kitchen offers bold Caribbean cuisine right in the comfort of your own home. These flavorful dishes include chicken, tofu, and salmon as the main protein. The dishes are customizable with your choice of sauce, including a flavorful coconut sauce. Side dishes include curried chickpeas and garlic mushrooms.

What should you try?

  • Grilled spicy tofu bowl
  • Salt & pepper salmon bowl
  • Spicy chicken bowl

Have a Ghost Kitchen Idea of Your Own?

New York City has a host of dining establishments to choose from, but there are still some untapped markets. Opening a ghost kitchen is a viable option for many people who never wanted to deal with having dine-in service.

When you're ready to open a ghost kitchen, your primary focus is on being successful. Turning to Cuboh to bring together delivery apps and help you manage sales takes some of the guesswork out of creating a profitable ghost kitchen.

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