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Launch a Self-Ordering Kiosk For Your Square POS

Allow your customers to self-order, freeing up time for your team. All orders integrate with your Square POS in real time.
self-ordering kiosk
self-ordering kiosk
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How Does it Work?

Import Your Menu into Cuboh Kiosks

  • Create the menu your customers will see. Add pictures, bundles and upselling opportunities that integrate directly into Square POS.
  • Menu updates can be pushed to your kiosk with the click of a button.

Kiosk Orders are Standardized and Sent to Your Square POS

  • All orders are sent to your Square POS in real-time without any human intervention. Orders will print in your kitchen exactly as if they were placed through a human cashier.
  • Inventory, reporting, and more will sync with your POS in real-time.

Cuboh Will Send You All of the Required Hardware to Run Your Kiosk

  • The kiosk will look native to your brand, and it will display your logo as well as your menu.
  • Our hardware fee starts at $0 and includes everything you need to get started with self-service ordering.

Centralized Data Collection For Targeted Marketing

  • Our self-serve kiosks enable you to collect centralized customer information, for example phone numbers and emails.
  • You can grow your contact database and unlock valuable insights for targeted marketing campaigns.

Simplify Operations with an Integrated Platform

  • Simplify your operations with Cuboh’s comprehensive solution.
  • Manage your kiosks, 3rd party apps, and website all in one integrated platform, streamlining your operations and eliminating the hassle of juggling multiple tools.

Benefits of Integrating Self-Ordering Kiosks with Square

By integrating your self-ordering kiosks and your Square POS system you can streamline operations, elevate customer satisfaction, and position your restaurant for success in the digital age.

Increase Your Revenue

Allocate staff to more critical roles, as kiosks handle the order placement process, all while lowering the need for manual order entry. Not to mention kiosk upselling can increase your average order value by at least 15%.

Improve Your Customer Experience

Gone are the days of standing in long queues. Self-ordering kiosks empower diners to take charge of their dining journey, allowing them to browse through the menu at their own pace and explore various options without pressure.

Simplify Your Operations

Integrate kiosk orders seamlessly into your existing Square POS, maintaining a cohesive system and simplifying management by having all orders, whether from kiosks, third-party apps or staff in one centralized location.

Square POS Kiosk Integration FAQs

You got questions and we got answers. Learn why integrating self-ordering kiosks with Square POS is the perfect way to increase your restaurant's revenue.
How do I import my Square menu into my self-ordering kiosks?

To integrate your Cuboh Kiosk with your Square POS, the first step is to book a meeting to set up your account. Once you have access to the platform, you can:

  • Import your Square menu into the system and edit your menu directly on Cuboh.

  • You can upcharge items, edit your pictures, and remove any items you wish to not sell on your kiosk.

  • Cuboh will send you all of the required hardware to run your kiosk. The kiosk will look native to your brand, and it will display your logo as well as your menu.

  • The installation takes ~15 minutes, with most of it just being setting up the hardware.

Can I customize and modify menu items for my kiosk?

Yes! Cuboh will help you manage all of your menus in one place and push new changes to your kiosks and all of your delivery platforms with the click of a button.

How do customers order at my kiosk?

Once you are finished the initial kiosk setup, your customers can place orders as follows:

  • A customer will tap on the screen to order.

  • They will see the menu and add items to their cart.

  • As items are added to their cart, they will be shown common bundles (which you can pre-define on your Cuboh menu settings). 

  • Once they're ready to check out, they can pay through the machine Cuboh sent.

  • As part of the checkout process, the customer will give you information like their email and phone number so that you can retarget them in the future.

What hardware do I need to run my self-ordering kiosk?

Cuboh Kiosks is the easiest tool to integrate with Square and it is quite affordable, at $100 per month (plus a hardware fee). Cuboh will provide the hardware needed and deliver it to you.

How much do Cuboh Kiosks cost?

Cuboh Kiosks are just $100 per month (plus a hardware fee). To learn more about pricing book a meeting here

What other integrations do your kiosks have?

Our kiosks integrate with your POS for a seamless experience. In addition to Square POS Cuboh kiosks integrate with Clover, Micros, Revel and many more point of sales systems. No POS? No problem! Our kiosks can also integrate directly with your kitchen printer. See all integrations here.

What about my third party delivery app menus? How can I manage those?

You can manage your kiosk menu as well as your third party delivery app menus all within Cuboh. With Cuboh’s Menu Management you can import your online menus directly into Cuboh, add or edit menu features, toggle on/off menu items, edit menu modifier groups and more.

Ready to See Cuboh In Action?

Get in touch with us to learn more about Cuboh, see platform for yourself, or ask questions.