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Revolutionize Dining with Cuboh Self-Ordering Kiosks

Streamline operations, reduce labor costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. From faster transactions to smart upselling, our self-service kiosks empower you to take control of your restaurant and deliver exceptional dining experiences.
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Create a Seamless Self Ordering Experience

Increase Your Revenue
Expand Your Reach
Simplify Your Operations

Reduce Labor Costs and Expedite Ordering

Have your labor costs gone through the roof? With self-service kiosk ordering, customers can place their orders directly, reducing the need for additional staff. This efficient process expedites the ordering experience, enabling your business to serve more customers in less time.
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Centralized Data Collection for Targeted Marketing

You aren’t able to ask for customer data at the till. Our self-serve kiosks enable you to collect centralized customer information. By prompting customers to provide their contact details during the self ordering process, you can grow your contact database and use it for targeted marketing campaigns.
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Effortless Upselling with Bundled Offerings

Server’s can’t upsell all of your customers effectively. Restaurant kiosks allows you to provide bundled offerings, making upselling menu items easier than ever. By providing a seamless upselling experience, you can boost sales and maximize order values without relying solely on server upselling efforts.
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Eliminate Order Mistakes and Enhance Satisfaction

Farewell to order mistakes and their associated headaches. With our self-ordering kiosks, every order is error-free and integrated into your point of sale system in real-time. By minimizing order errors, you can enhance customer satisfaction and reduce food waste, ensuring a seamless and delightful dining experience for your customers.
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Simplify Operations with an Integrated Kiosk Platform

Tired of managing tech providers and dealing with multiple bills? Simplify your operations with our kiosks, which offer a comprehensive solution. Manage your kiosks, 3rd party apps, and online ordering website all in one integrated platform, streamlining your operations and eliminating the hassle of juggling multiple tools.
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How Does It Work?

Elevate your customers' ordering experience by offering them a seamless and convenient way to place their orders right at your restaurant. The Cuboh self-ordering kiosk solution ensures quick and efficient transactions. Say goodbye to long queues and hello to streamlined operations!

Easily Add Your Menu

Create your menu, or import it from your POS. Add strategic upsells and easily push it live to your kiosk.

POS Integrations

Receive orders from your restaurant kiosks, 3rd party apps and your website all on your POS. Consolidate your online ordering to one solution.

Centralized Customer Data

With one solution for all your needs, grow your customer list in one place and have all their data centralized.

Restaurant Kiosk FAQs

You've got questions and we've got answers. Learn why Cuboh self-ordering kiosks are the perfect way to increase your restaurant's revenue.
What are the benefits of kiosks in restaurants?

There are many benefits of kiosks in restaurants. Self-ordering kiosks streamline operations, reduce labor costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. They also offer opportunities for natural upselling, leading to increased order value.

Do Cuboh self-ordering kiosks integrate with POS systems?

Our kiosks seamlessly integrate with various POS systems like Clover, Square, Micros, Revel, and many more. If you don't have a POS, our kiosks can connect directly to your kitchen printer, ensuring a smooth ordering experience. See all our integrations here.

Can Cuboh Kiosk ordering software facilitate upselling?

Absolutely! Our kiosks are designed to present smart bundling options that you can configure for the self-ordering process. This enhances the customer experience and increases order value.

How do Cuboh Kiosks enhance self-service restaurant operations?

Cuboh is an online ordering management system that offers a comprehensive solution by integrating with third party apps, your online ordering website and your interactive kiosks. This centralized approach simplifies operations and reduces costs. Self-service restaurants can significantly reduce wait times, provide a seamless ordering experience, and ensure error-free orders with Cuboh Kiosks.

Can I collect customer data using the Cuboh self-ordering kiosk?

Cuboh Kiosks enable restaurants to gather valuable customer information during the ordering process such as emails and phone numbers. This data collection helps in expanding the contact database and facilitating targeted marketing campaigns.

How much do Cuboh self-ordering kiosks cost?

Cuboh Kiosks cost just $100 per month (plus a hardware fee). To learn more about pricing book a meeting here.

Does Cuboh offer different types of kiosks?

Yes! Cuboh offers a standing kiosk solution as well as a tablet kiosk ordering system. To learn more about our different kiosk systems for restaurants, book a meeting here.

Ready to See Cuboh Kiosks In Action?

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