Will Ghost Kitchens Survive Once the World Has Lifted Covid Restrictions?

Will Ghost Kitchens Survive Once the World Has Lifted Covid Restrictions?

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Pandemic Changes The Game

Remember when dining in at a restaurant used to be the number one option for most of us? Of course, that was before a pandemic plagued the planet and made it impossible to gather in big groups without jeopardizing the health of many people. The decrease of standard in-person dining has led to a subsequent increase of ghost kitchens, or virtual dining locations, which are optimized to keep up with the high demand of online ordering.

Ghost Kitchen

A ghost kitchen, or virtual kitchen, is a location that is utilized only to prepare meals for takeaways or for online deliveries through multiple delivery apps and ghost kitchen companies like GrubHub, Uber Eats and DoorDash. Delicious meals, usually at affordable prices, are still offered to customers for a fulfilling experience. The major benefit of this ghost kitchen trend is that it does not require much space, as a seating arrangement is not to be considered. Thus, owners pay less in overhead costs when getting started. They also save money on a number of amenities, such as

  • Full staff
  • Silverware and plate-ware
  • Restaurant setting

The appeal of being able to serve creative, tasty meals without having to worry about decorating a setting, buying utensils and employing servers and hosts has led to more and more potential restaurant owners considering the cloud kitchen format.

How Did The Focus Shift To Delivery-Based Food Orders?

After the imposed restrictions to minimalize human contact in public areas, people were skeptical even about ordering online. However, that has since changed as responsible restaurants have started prioritizing safety standards and cleanliness measures to draw the attention of their existing as well as potential customers. As established restaurants and fast food joints were cutting down their staff just to stay afloat, a new-age delivery-only restaurant model with ghost kitchens began to thrive. Customers trusted these companies and ordered food in massive quantities across the nation.

Give Me Those Numbers

From the first month of the global pandemic, there was a 169% rise in the number of restaurants that adopted online deliveries. This demonstrates how fast the demand skyrocketed, leaving many restaurants with no choice but to switch up the traditional model of service and turn to delivery apps. However, this has also led to the question of whether or not the existence of ghost kitchens will gradually evaporate once Covid restrictions are lifted

There is a stunning 70% increase every year in the amount that people are paying for meal delivery services on an individual basis, showcasing the relevance and necessity of cloud kitchens. In other words, it's safe to say that delivery apps--and consequently ghost kitchens--are here to stay. While not all traditional restaurants are willing to pay 15-30% fee that comes with most orders from delivery platforms, ghost kitchens do not have a choice. While the fee may be steep, for most it's a small price to pay to gain access to a wide range of customers, many of whom submit orders on a weekly basis.

Restaurants are becoming increasingly reliant on technology, which is ideal for the ghost kitchen design. Those that don't jump on the train risk getting left behind.

Important Things For Ghost Kitchen Owners To Consider

If you enjoy food from a restaurant or ghost kitchen, chances are you're going to order from that place again. Thus, it's important that ghost kitchens emphasize quality and taste in the long-term so that they can capture and retain customers. Since there is no in-person atmosphere for a consumer to pass judgment on, the menu needs to be exemplary.

However, even the most perfect menu won't get a customer to come back to you if their order is plagued with mistakes. Messing up an order, however unintentionally, can greatly damage the credibility of your business.

Collect, Optimize And Conquer

For enhanced performance and effective management, ghost kitchens should use services from Cuboh. Cuboh streamlines ghost kitchen tools and all of the third-party delivery information in its dashboard, alongside facilities to modify menus and delivery options. The platform also sends orders to your POS system and printer in real-time, ensuring that you don't miss an order.

A common goal that most new ghost kitchens should aim for is consistency. Mistakes and rash decisions often lead to kitchens shutting down within a few months of their inception; keeping track of your orders with an easily-manageable platform helps prevent this from happening. Provide the best culinary experiences to people and manage your place in a much more refined way by using Cuboh and its unparalleled special services.

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