Why Bamboo Cutlery Is Better For Your Ghost Kitchen

Why Bamboo Cutlery Is Better For Your Ghost Kitchen

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Restaurant sustainability isn't just about reducing food waste. It's also about embracing the food tech that reduces waste for disposable products and cutlery. One of the biggest trends in restaurant tech is moving away from plastic utensils and towards using bamboo cutlery instead. We're taking an in-depth look at bamboo cutlery and how it can enhance ghost kitchen operations, including helping restaurant owners practice sustainability.

How Are Plastic Utensils Bad For the Environment?

While plastic cutlery has been the industry standard for disposable cutlery, it's also well known for being pretty bad for the environment. Some plastics are recyclable, but not all are, and often, these end up in landfills, where they don't decompose. When you include plastic cutlery with your ghost kitchen orders, it's harder for your more environmentally conscious customers to practice eco-friendly habits when ordering online from your ghost kitchen.


What Are the Benefits of Using Bamboo Cutlery?

The benefits of using bamboo cutlery are many.

It's a fast-growing plant, which means that it's sustainable, and therefore the supply isn't likely to run out. Plus, it's stronger than steel, which means that it can stand up to any type of cuisine, including a thick, hearty steak or a pasta dish brimming with melted cheese. Bamboo also has a more pleasant tactile sensation for your customers, feeling better in the mouth than flimsy plastic. The solid feel of bamboo makes eating more enjoyable, and it can be used to create a variety of different eating implements, from steak knives to chopsticks, making it an ideal material for any ghost kitchen start-up.

Are Bamboo Utensils Safe to Use?

One of the best things about bamboo cutlery is how safe it is. Plastic can leach toxins when it's heated to high temperatures and may get people, especially children and the elderly, sick. However, bamboo has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which means there's no fear of harmful bacteria growing on them, as long as they're properly dried after usage.


Can Bamboo Utensils Be Reused?

Speaking of reuse, bamboo flatware and chopsticks can actually last about 5 to 6 months before they have to be replaced. Simply wash with soap and water, and allow to air dry. The antimicrobial properties can protect users, so it's also a great material for restaurant owners who have a sustainable food concept for their dine-in restaurants.

More About Bamboo

Bamboo is a sustainable material because it grows so quickly. In fact, bamboo grows about 2 feet per day, meaning that after harvesting, it quickly grows back. Bamboo can also grow in many different types of environments, which means that shipping costs can be less, too. Finally, it's environmentally friendly in that it's not an invasive species and won't disrupt native species.

Bamboo has a unique natural appearance, making it stand out and add a touch of flair to the dining experience. It's fitting for just about any type of cuisine, including for larger catered events. It perfects as a serving utensil, too, since it can withstand a lot of use.

Using Bamboo In Your Ghost Kitchen Startup

You can opt for bamboo cutlery in a ghost kitchen, or you can use it for in-person dining. It can help reduce waste since it can be reused. It's durable, because bamboo plants are strong, flexible, and heavy-duty, plus lightweight, making it an ideal material for heavy use. This is exactly what many restaurant owners wish for their disposable flatware.

Bamboo is also compostable, so if you bring waste materials to a commercial composting facility, you don't have to worry about picking out the plastic or metal that can end up in the trash. Plus, many of your customers might have their own compost pile, and so can compost the flatware after they're finished ordering from your ghost kitchen.


Bamboo cutlery is one of the best ways you can implement sustainable food practices, and change from your traditional point of sales machine to a Software as a Service. SaaS replaces the overhead of owning a POS system and allows restaurant owners to have regular software updates, plus remote troubleshooting, meaning that service downtime due to a POS system crashing, and waiting for a service tech, is a thing of the past.


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