How Much Does a Kiosk Cost? A Guide to Self Ordering Kiosk Costs for Restaurants

How Much Does a Kiosk Cost? A Guide to Self Ordering Kiosk Costs for Restaurants

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In the restaurant industry, paying attention to emerging trends and technologies isn't just strategic, it's essential. One innovation that stands out as a game-changer is self ordering restaurant kiosks. These solutions lead the way to optimizing operations, boosting revenue, and catering to the preferences of younger generations. 

But how much does a kiosk cost and are they worth the financial investment? Although the price of kiosks is becoming more affordable, the kiosk cost can seem intimidating. Read on to discover the benefits of self ordering kiosks and the kiosk cost for your restaurant. 

Benefits of Self Ordering Kiosks

Increase Your Ticket Size and Revenue

Perhaps the best way to justify the self ordering kiosk cost for your restaurant is that they have been proven to increase your sales and ticket size. Self service kiosks are known for their ability to produce orders with a value that can be as much as 30% higher than orders made in-person, ultimately increasing your revenue. 

However, the appeal of self ordering kiosks goes even further as they also introduce upselling opportunities. The interactive nature of kiosks allows for the seamless integration of upselling prompts, kiosks allow you to more easily provide bundles and add-ons which in turn increases your average ticket size.

BurgerFi found that at their restaurant 52% of customers chose to opt in to upsells! Imagine the difference that could make for your restaurant. With more than half of your customers potentially being open to upsell recommendations, the potential to boost your bottom line becomes hard to ignore.

Give Customers What They Want

Millennials and Gen Z (who make up over 40% of the population) are more than ready to welcome kiosk solutions in restaurants. An impressive 84% of Generation Z and 82% of Millennials opt for dining at a restaurant equipped with self serve kiosks, making it more favorable for them over restaurants that lack this convenience.

There are many reasons for this preference of kiosks. To name a few, customers ordering at kiosks are less self-conscious about their order or the customizations on their order and are more likely to order what they want. Not only that but they enjoy the privacy and convenience of ordering at a kiosk. Plus, who doesn’t want to skip out on a long line to place an order?

Keep Up With the Trends of Nationwide Chains

Many large nationwide chain restaurants such as McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Panera have been moving towards kiosk solutions for their customers, and they have been benefiting from it! When these large chains continue to roll out kiosks let it be validation of the clear benefits that kiosks provide.

For example Shake Shack currently has kiosks in nearly 250 restaurants and expects to expand self serve kiosks to all of their restaurants by the end of Q3. Currently kiosks are Shake Shack’s most profitable ordering channel. And the most well known kiosk success story of course is McDonald’s who have been using kiosks since 2003 and continue to expand their kiosk solutions

It is important to keep up with the trends of these large chain restaurants and integrating kiosks into your restaurant brings you one step closer. 

Reduce Your Labor Costs

The shortage of workers in the restaurant industry is well established, and with staff becoming harder to find, kiosks come to the rescue for restaurants. Self ordering kiosks allow restaurants to take customers orders quickly, reliably and efficiently. A single kiosk can usually take on the role of one and a half cashiers. This allows staff to become more efficient and focus on other crucial tasks such as running orders, clearing tables and food preparation.

Ultimately by accelerating the process of ordering and allowing staff to focus on other tasks you can get your orders to customers faster. Without a doubt, this leads to more satisfied customers and therefore more loyal customers for your restaurant.

How Much Does a Kiosk Cost?

Now that we've covered the many different benefits of restaurant kiosks, how much does a kiosk cost? 

Kiosk pricing varies on a variety of factors for example the size and quality of the hardware. Kiosk pricing is usually made up of a hardware fee or the kiosk machine price and the ongoing kiosk software cost. It is important to consider the upfront (hardware) costs and the ongoing costs of your kiosk that include software. 

When choosing a software for your kiosks, below are some points you should consider to ensure your kiosk software will work for your restaurant. 

  • Kiosk integrations (for example your POS system or kitchen display system)
  • Other features offered (for example menu management and tablet consolidation)
  • Communication and support offered (Cuboh offers support Monday to Sunday between 7am and 11pm)
  • Payment options

For context, Cuboh’s quality kiosk solution costs just $100 per month (plus a hardware fee). If you’d like to learn more about Cuboh’s kiosk pricing and other services, book a demo here.

Grow Orders, Save Time & Eliminate Tablet Chaos

Integrate your delivery apps and online orders with your POS and consolidate them into a single tablet. Helping you reduce order issues, grow your sales, and eliminate delivery headaches.

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