The 6 Biggest Delivery Apps in Europe

The 6 Biggest Delivery Apps in Europe

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The advancement in technology has changed the dimension and perspective of many businesses around the world. Its integration in any venture has become a core factor for any notable success anticipated. Unequivocally the food industry tops the key sectors recording rapid changes through the adoption of technology.

In Europe, the unprecedented growth in the food industry has revolutionized delivery services through virtual order management and placement. Computer and mobile phone applications have brought a lower cost and less laborious dining with minimal physical contact. This is through innovative online ordering apps which have successfully helped establish ghost kitchen business.

Top 6 Delivery Apps in Europe

In Europe, these food delivery apps are quite common, with many running for several years. With the current pandemic, takeout food services have become increasingly in-demand, especially with the stay-at-home directive. The development of these restaurant tech systems brings a shift from the need to dine-in to receiving deliveries in the comfort and safety of your home.

They provide food and beverage delivery services suiting your needs and location. The apps facilitate proper order management through real-time analytics and insights streamlining ghost kitchen delivery systems and expanding profitability. There are several online food tech apps but let's focus on the biggest in Europe.


The uniquely set delivery app was launched into operation in London, UK, in 2013 by Will Shu, covering over 200 cities and connecting more than 80,000 restaurants. The app provides multiple dietary options for users, with categories such as Sandwiches, Bagels, Poke, Sushi, Pizza, desserts, and others. You can access services on the application or the website with easy downloads on Google play store and iOS download.

Just Eat

This London-based food delivery service system started operations in 2001, making it a popular app across Europe. Just Eat allows you to order and have whatever food you like delivered at home with remarkable services. So if you are into Chinese, Indian, Italian, pizza, chicken dishes, and more, you will find these options in the app.

The ghost kitchen service app commands a presence in 13 European countries and has expanded to South America. Main features in Just Eat include an admin panel, restaurant app, delivery app, and customer app

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UberEats app has transformed online ordering since 2014, revolutionizing restaurant tech. Initially, a cab operation system, UberEats branched to food delivery, becoming one of the most preferred in Europe. The app also enjoys a robust global command with operations in over 1,000 cities worldwide.

UberEats has about 50 million users and at least 100 million downloads on Google Playstore. In 2020, this app was the most downloaded in Europe, with about 1.4 million installs by April.

Besides its navigable features, including courier, customer, and restaurant apps, UberEats can also get you some exciting offers on takeout food.


In the food tech delivery sector, Glovo is another of Europe's favorite app. It is available for iPad, Android, iPhone, and Cloud, making order management easy and reliable. In 2020 it was the second most installed food delivery app across Europe, with over 1.2 million installs within a month. Glovo was launched in 2015 in Barcelona, with food delivery as the leading service.

The app, which enjoys a sizeable degree of dominance in Europe, also allows you to track your order in real-time.

Delivery Club

Delivery Club was founded in 2009 as a food delivery company in Russia and expanded to about 75 cities connecting with more than 4,000 restaurants. The mobile application has over 5 million downloads, and upon installation, you get 1,000 points for registration and subsequent orders. This online ordering app has a fast and convenient delivery for takeout food across Europe, making it one of the biggest apps in order management.


In Europe, GrubHub is already a big name providing outstanding services in ghost kitchen and order management. The online ordering app offers a unique menu to select your preferred dish and have it delivered to your home efficiently. This American online food tech and delivery platform founded in 2004 connects you with your local eatery for takeout food services.

However, by mid-2020, Just Eat Takeaway was in advanced talks in a multi-billion dollar acquisition deal of GrubHub, making it one of the largest online food delivery service providers in Europe.

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