5 Ways to Maximize Your Restaurant Concept

Before you open a restaurant of any sort, you will need to determine the concept for it. This encompasses several factors, including the target audience and the method of food delivery. It also involves determining what type of food you will serve.

Whether you're starting a new restaurant or trying to determine how you can increase the orders you receive for your ghost kitchen, taking a look at the concept is the first step. These five key points may help you with maximizing your restaurant concept.

Delivery and Takeout Options

For a person who's starting a ghost kitchen, the method of getting food to customers is already determined. Everything will be handled through at least one food delivery service. You'll have to decide which services to use.

You also have to determine whether you're willing to add takeout options to the ordering process. If you're going to add takeout orders instead of just delivery, you'll have to figure out how you'll take those orders. There are a few possibilities:

  • Customers can walk up to place a to-go order
  • Customers can use a food delivery app and opt to pick up their own food
  • Customers can call in an order that your employees take
  • Customers can order online through your restaurant

While it might seem like a hassle, it's possible to use more than one delivery service. Cuboh integrates multiple delivery services into one easy-to-use system. Since food delivery services may include the takeout option to customers, Cuboh would also incorporate those orders into the platform.

Boost the Online Presence

Customers need to know that you're in business so they can order. Virtual branding is the key to this, so you must build a strong online presence. Social media accounts and ads might be an effective way to handle virtual branding.

One thing to watch closely is customer reviews. You might be tempted to ignore the less than favorable reviews that come across from customers; however, these reviews can often bring in new business.

Instead of ignoring negative reviews, respond to those in a professional manner. Acknowledge the problem and don't try to make excuses. Propose or document the solution you offered or used for the matter. This shows other potential customers that you do care about customer service.

Expand the Menu

A wider menu means that you can attract more customers. As you're creating the expanded menu, you must think about a few things so that you don't overwhelm your workers and can provide each customer with the service they need.

  • Can the kitchen space you have accommodate the items necessary to add specific items to the menu?
  • Will adding certain items to the menu make each shift considerably more difficult for the kitchen staff?
  • Can your staff realistically prepare the items in a timeframe that your customers expect from your restaurant?
  • Will the items be the appropriate quality that your customers expect from the restaurant?
  • Do you have the storage space available to safely house the ingredients for the new dishes?
  • How well do you expect the new items to sell in your market area?

For some ghost kitchens, the best way to add new items to the menu is to go slowly. You may have a list of several items, but consider adding only two or three to the menu at a time. This gives the kitchen staff a chance to familiarize themselves with the items and it won't overwhelm customers with a bunch of new choices all at once.

Create Unique Food Options

Food fusions are becoming increasingly popular. Most people didn't expect that a combination like chicken and waffles would become a hit dish, but it's very popular in many markets. Talk to your workers to find out if there are any unique dish options they can think of that might be a good addition to your menu.

If you're adding these, consider starting small. Introduce the item as a limited-time-only option. If it sells well, you can always add it to the menu as a permanent offering.

Enhance Customer Service

One issue that's present with some ghost kitchens is that customers might not know how to get in touch with the restaurant if they have a problem. You have to show them that you'll readily reply to any complaints. If you don't want to publish a phone number, make sure that they can get in touch with you via social media or a similar manner. Always be willing to find solutions to rectify a customer's complaints.

Keeping track of online orders can be a challenging task for many restaurant owners. Cuboh provides a centralized solution to this conundrum. The seamless integration with the point-of-sale system and centralized dashboard makes accepting online orders a bit easier. Contact Cuboh to schedule a demo today so you can see firsthand how it can simplify the order fulfillment process at your restaurant.

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