Pretsl provides on-demand menu, technology, and marketing support to restaurants, ghost kitchen operators, and food brands.

Product Features

Everyday tech support - we help restaurants ensure their systems are functioning without any issues by providing regular health checks and support for technological platforms

Optimized menus - Pretsl helps restaurants improve the user-friendliness of their online menus on ordering platforms to increase conversions and drive more sales

Better commission rates - we get our partners better commission rates with their 3rd party partners

Strong digital strategy - we leverage a strong digital strategy for each of our partners to make sure your business is receiving the correct data from customers, and utilizing that data to generate ore sales.

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Cuboh is Built for Restaurants

One Tablet, All Delivery Apps

Cuboh integrates all of your delivery apps and consolidates them onto a single device.

Deep Insights for Online Orders

Know what’s really working in your business with Cuboh’s real-time analytics and reporting.

Smart Way to Manage Orders

Get all your orders in one place and let automation do the rest. No headaches. No human-error.

Grow Your Delivery Revenue

Increase revenue, cut down on labor costs, and reduce errors and waste–which means you keep more of every dollar.

Effortless Integrations

Cuboh easily integrates with your POS system and KDS, automatically creating orders and saving time. No mistakes or delays.

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