We bring Online Ordering to Auphan

Auphan has partnered with Cuboh to bring all your third-party delivery orders from services like Doordash, Uber Eats, and Postmates straight to your Auphan POS.

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Connect all your Online Ordering Services directly to Auphan

With our "Automatically Accept Orders" feature switched on, you will receive orders instantly on the right printer. The orders look exactly like yours, so there's no learning curve. At the same time, Auphan will have aggregated info from both the online and offline world. Not a Auphan customer yet? Click on your country below to register:

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Manage all your online ordering platforms (and add some more) with 1 device.

Most days, you won't even use our tablet. But when it comes to complex tasks such as upcharges, refunds, 86s, extended prep times etc. you will love Cuboh. You'll do such modifications once, and Cuboh will update all other 3rd party delivery apps for you. Since it's so easy... shouldn't you be present in more online ordering platforms?

Recover lost revenue

Platform mistakes could mean you're leaving money on the table. Refer to one reporting dashboard instead of several. We'll tell you about taxes, how much money should have been paid in every deposit, your most popular products, and more. Try Cuboh now!

Meet your new online ordering manager

The fastest onboarding in the industry.
The days of managing multiple Apps are gone. Try Cuboh.

Some of our Integrations

Online Ordering Platforms

Uber Eats




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