Cuboh vs. Deliverect vs. Otter vs. Chowly

Cuboh vs Other Aggregators

Not all online orders aggregators are the same. Compare Cuboh, Deliverect, Otter and Chowly's features and learn why Cuboh is the perfect fit for your restaurant.

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Tablet Consolidation
Independent Aggregator*
Printer Integration
POS Integration
Official API Integrations
Otter has always used web-scraping for their technology, but they are currently transitioning to official APIs for some delivery apps.
Direct Website Ordering
Menu Management
Real-Time 86ing
Automated Analytics and Reporting
In-App Live Support
Multi-brand (Virtual Kitchen) Capability
Current Review Rating (Google)

* - Defined as a solution that does not have a conflict of interest. Otter owns FutureFoods, a virtual restaurant, and direct competitor to restaurants
** - Otter does not have a Google presence. Their rating is based on their TrustPilot reviews

All reviews and rating are based on when this article was written: March 13th, 2023.

What about Deliverect?

Unfortunately, in February of 2023, Cuboh received a cease and desist from Deliverect for listing them on this comparison.

Deliverect has raised over $230M, while Cuboh is mostly customer-funded. This is an unfortunate series of events that makes the market worse, prevents competiton and comparisons so that YOU can make the best call. Most importantly, this is an example of a big company bullying a smaller organization in a market that is mostly comprised of small players/restaurants. We find this sad and disappointing, but we think that says a lot about how their product compares against ours.

Since we are unable to list the differences between Deliverect and Cuboh, we have decided to list what Deliverect's own customers are saying about their service.

Cuboh's review rating as of March 13th, 2023 is 4.5. Deliverect's is 3.6. If you want to learn more about how Cuboh differentiates and why thousands of restaurants choose Cuboh, please book a demo with us and we'll be happy to help!

Deliverect Reviews

Why is Cuboh Better?

Why Restaurants Love Cuboh

Our latest reviews

"We are working with UberEats, GrubHub and DoorDash. Integrating all these platforms with Cuboh was one of the best decisions,It saved us a significant amount of steps and confusion with third-party orders coming in. Cuboh is the best platform around."

Cibo Cafe & Bistro


"I’ve tried chowly and otter. Cuboh has got the best team to support your business. Their response is very quick. Quicker than you can expect. Their dashboard UI is simple to use. If you encounter any problem, just call or email support team and they will fix your issue like a jet."

US Wings & Deli


"Our previous solution (Deliverect) was very unstable. The most important aspect we were looking for is having access to a professional and responsive support team, which is really what sets Cuboh apart from its competitors. Cuboh, to us is really #1 right now in helping us provide our clients an efficient delivery service."



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Centralized Reporting

Centralized dashboard for insights across all your locations and delivery channels. Understand your business like never before.

Easy Menu Management

Our Menu Management tool gives you a platform to create, edit, and manage all your third-party menus from one place.

No POS? No Problem

Connect Cuboh directly to kitchen printers so your staff receives orders as they come in real-time.

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