"Otter is absolutely terrible. We have been using it for a year now. They deleted our entire Square inventory by mistake. This led to them giving us 6 months free. This still isn't worth it."

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TryOtter is an all-in-one solution for your restaurant's operating system, designed to increase efficiency and boost sales. With TryOtter, you can optimize operations by managing delivery orders, menus, locations, and support, all from a single tablet. Additionally, TryOtter's automation features allow you to create virtual brands and promotions, helping you to grow your revenue. To help you understand performance, TryOtter consolidates data into one easy-to-use dashboard, providing you with the insights you need to make informed decisions. TryOtter is trusted by thousands of global eateries, from food trucks to international chains, and is here to help you succeed in the future of food.

Pros And Cons Of TryOtter

Based on hundreds of TryOtter reviews across the internet, these are the main pros and cons of using the platform:

Pros of TryOtter:

  • Free trial available.
  • Consolidate delivery apps into a single device
  • Reporting metrics dashboard
  • Most affordable option

Cons of TryOtter:

  • Several customers report instability with the service (please read reviews below)
  • Several customers report slow customer support response times (please read reviews below)
  • Future Foods is TryOtter’s sister company. Future Foods licenses virtual brands to restaurants all around the country (which is a conflict of interest). If sharing data with a potential competitor of yours is a concern (given their conflict of interest) you should read more about their business model here.

Here Are The Latest 5 TryOtter Reviews

What are the people saying about TryOtter? Check out these recent TryOtter reviews. It's important to mention that some reviews could be the result of an incentive offered by TryOtter:

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Looking For A TryOtter Alternative?

Cuboh is ranked as the highest-rated TryOtter alternative in the market. Cuboh is a better fit for you if you are processing or ready to process a high volume of orders through online ordering platforms. Many restaurants looking for a TryOtter alternative switch to Cuboh.

How Cuboh Compares Against TryOtter

Cuboh is the best reviewed TryOtter alternative:

  1. Cuboh is rated at 4.5 starts while TryOtter is rated at 2.2
  2. Cuboh hasn't raised hundreds of millions of dollars. We are a customer funded company -- we truly care and can only exist if we provide you with a stellar service. Our customer support team responds in less than 5 minutes, and is available via phone, text, live chat, and email
  3. Cuboh is an independent company and doesn't sell food. We don't compete with you, and don't have our own virtual brands

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