"We are working with UberEats, GrubHub and Doordash. Integrating all these platforms with Cuboh was one of the best decisions, it saved us a significant amount of steps, confusion and errors."

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We thought it would only be fair to give you an insightful, honest Cuboh review after putting under the scope other solutions in the market. Bare in mind that, even though it might sound biased, this is information backed by hundreds of already existing Cuboh reviews posted online on different platforms alongside the internet. So buckle up and pay attention, because this Cuboh review is going to be the ultimate explanation of why we are the best solution for busy restaurant managers.

What is Cuboh

Cuboh is an award-winning, innovative online ordering solution for restaurants. In 2019 we were selected by Y Combinator to be part of their exclusive technology incubator. Y Combinator is well known in the tech industry for having invested in and launched companies like Dropbox, Airbnb, Doordash, and Caviar. Cuboh is the only Canadian company in the hospitality space ever to be afforded this opportunity.

How Cuboh works

Putting it simply, Cuboh integrates your restaurant’s 3rd party delivery apps with your POS and consolidates them into a single tablet. Stop losing time and money on order errors for your restaurant.

Cuboh also gives you the power of full analytics over your operations and a vast list of features that are constantly updating and new ones coming out. 

Cuboh features

Have one platform for all your apps

Cuboh integrates all of your delivery apps and consolidates them onto a single device. Get all your orders in one place and let automation do the rest. No headaches or errors.

Inject orders directly to your printer

Automatically send orders straight to your existing printer or KDS. Save time and money.

Manage your menus

Cuboh's Menu Management tool gives you a central hub to manage all your third-party menus in one place. Forget manually making changes in each app, instead, use Menu Management to push a change out to all your apps at once.

Cuboh Storefront

The Cuboh Storefront is a free-to-try, no-hassle tool to get online ordering set up on your restaurant’s website in a manner of minutes. No more third-party fees on your sales, and integrate all of your existing Cuboh features into your Storefront.

Pros of using Cuboh

  • Simplify your online ordering process.
  • Cost reduction, by receiving orders and automatically sending them to the POS or kitchen printers / KDS.
  • Decreased human mistakes by streamlining orders.
  • Improved customer experience, which drives better customer reviews and better placement in third-party delivery app marketplaces.
  • The best-rated customer service experience in the industry based on hundreds of Cuboh reviews.

Cons of using Cuboh

  • Cuboh only integrates with select delivery apps and POS systems. Other solutions could be a better fit for your restaurant if you’re looking to integrate obscure apps or POS’. However, if most of your volume comes from major delivery apps (Doordash, Uber Eats, Grubhub, etc), our lack of obscure delivery app support allows us to provide better integrations than our competitors.
  • Cuboh is the premium solution in the market, which makes us expensive for very low-volume restaurants compared to other solutions. According to several Cuboh reviews, we provide more features, usability, and support than anyone else in the market. We are a great fit for busy restaurants with constant delivery orders incoming.

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