Why Your Restaurant Needs An Online Menu

The social distancing regulations brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic have impacted several industries, particularly the restaurant industry. Now, as states lift regulations and businesses begin to re-open, restaurants need to determine ways to stand out and get their name out there. One of the best ways to reach new customers is by providing an online restaurant menu where they can review your food and learn more about your brand. Here are some facts that demonstrate the importance of an online menu.

Menus Can Increase Your Sales

Believe it or not, the simple act of putting your menu online can have a huge impact on your sales. According to a survey conducted by OpenTable, approximately 87% of diners try to find a restaurant before going out. Moreover, 86% of diners will consult a menu beforehand. If you don't have a menu available online, the average consumer won't even consider your restaurant as an option.

A virtual restaurant menu by itself is not enough to attract customers -- the menu also needs to be easily accessible and readable. If a person has to struggle to find your menu, or if they cannot read the items, it reflects negatively on your business. Always make sure your menu is clearly displayed on your website, and avoid things that require cumbersome downloads (like PDF menus).

Menus Can Boost Your Online Presence

If you want to be a part of the restaurant revolution, you'll need to build your digital presence. One reason why digital restaurants (or restaurants that rely solely on online ordering) have been thriving in the industry is because they tend to have large online followings. To craft your brand, you'll need to boost website traffic through search engine optimization (SEO). Some ways you can successfully do this include:

  • Providing a mobile-friendly menu: 73% of mobile searches are followed by actions and conversion -- it's important that you have a menu that loads properly on mobile devices.
  • Work on your local SEO: Considering that 75% of customers in your area use search results to determine where to dine, it's important that they're able to find your menu. Methods for boost your local SEO include using keywords, obtaining online reviews and creating a Google My Business account.
  • Use social media and Google Posts: Many restaurants have found success in sharing information online and through Google Posts. Offering images of your menu, restaurant and food items can intrigue consumers and compel them to visit your site.

Whether you want to optimize your website or post on social media, your menu will play an integral part in your SEO strategy.

Menus Can Make Your Business More Personal

Your restaurant's atmosphere, decor and staff all influence how your customers feel about your restaurant brand. But what about people who have never visited your restaurant? Without that personal experience, what are they supposed to think about you?

Menus can be used to give some personality to your brand, helping new consumers learn more about your business. Along with providing information about your food, a good menu should have a unique design that catches the eye. Design ideas include:

  • Bold fonts
  • Bright colors
  • Images of food
  • Patterns and borders

Applying some restaurant innovation to your menu tells customers that you're willing to make an effort for them.

Menus Can Add to the Customer Experience

For some customers, their journey with your restaurant starts when they enter the front door. However, for most people, that journey begins when they find your menu online. Thus, it's important that you create a positive virtual experience. One way to do this is by adding an online ordering system directly to your menu for customers interested in food delivery. Not only is this convenient, but it may also sway people that are on the fence about ordering from you.

Of course, once you do get those orders, it's important that you follow through with quick, high-quality service. Cuboh, a rising food technology platform, helps you achieve this by streamlining your delivery orders to a single device. Other amenities include:

  • Consolidated reports
  • POS integrations
  • Printer integrations

Improve your order management and keep customers satisfied by investing in some new restaurant tech today!

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