Why Having Food Delivery is Vital for Restaurants

Why Having Food Delivery is Vital for Restaurants

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In a world where convenience is of the highest importance and time is precious, offering food delivery has transformed from a trend to a necessity. Whether you manage a cafe or restaurant, integrating food delivery into your services is a pivotal move.

Prior to the pandemic food delivery was still common but since then it has grown at an incredible rate. In 2021 the global online food delivery market was valued at $106.1 billion USD, it is predicted that it will reach $223.7 billion USD by 2027

So, why is having a food delivery service so important? That's exactly what we're here to explore. Here’s six reasons why food delivery is vital for your restaurant.

1. Grow Your Business and Revenue

Food delivery increases your sales by expanding your customer base and widening your reach beyond your physical location. Using a third party delivery service has shown to increase restaurant sales volume by 10 to 20%.

Adding food delivery to your service also gives you a significant competitive advantage over other restaurants in your area, setting you apart from those who haven’t adopted the food delivery trend yet. 

In addition, it often makes it easier to present upselling opportunities. As customers are checking out on the delivery app they are using you can suggest or bundle additional items, encouraging them to purchase more and increasing your average order value. 

2. Widen Your Customer Reach

With food delivery you’ll not only capture more of your loyal customers' business when they don’t feel like coming to your physical location but you’re opening yourself up to a whole new demographic of customers. This new demographic may not have ever come to your physical location because of distance, conflicting schedule or just preference. 

More and more people are choosing food delivery services as a way to enjoy their meals. Millennials are the biggest driver of this shift with 71% of millennials ordering food delivery weekly. By introducing food delivery into your restaurant you can capture this growing audience and turn them into loyal customers.

3. Increase Customer Satisfaction and Convenience 

Customer satisfaction and convenience lie at the heart of any successful restaurant. With food delivery, you're not just serving food, you're providing the ultimate convenience.  

Food delivery also allows you to cater to a diverse range of preferences. Whether it's specific dietary needs or a certain customization, you're ensuring that no customer is left without options. When you have this level of consideration built into your menu it doesn't go unnoticed and can foster long time loyalty.

Food delivery not only retains existing customers but can also turn them into advocates for your restaurant. If positioned correctly, food delivery can serve as a channel for direct feedback and reviews, giving you new insights to learn from.

4. Up Brand Exposure and Marketing

Let's talk about putting your restaurant's name in the spotlight. With food delivery, you're not just delivering meals – you're packaging your brand right along with it. Imagine those deliveries showing up in boxes with your restaurant’s logo and branding. That's marketing gold right there, creating a lasting impression that sticks in the minds (and stomachs) of your customers. 

Not to mention the increased online visibility of being on third party delivery apps. Being on third party delivery apps instantly boosts your restaurant's SEO and online presence. Food delivery also positions you to resonate with the tech-savvy crowd, offering delivery speaks volumes about your restaurant's adaptability. 

5. Mitigate Challenges and External Factors

In the unpredictable world of restaurant business, facing challenges head on is a must. That's where food delivery apps come in. Remember those days when the weather had its own agenda, discouraging diners from venturing out? With food delivery, rain or shine, your restaurant's meals are just a few clicks away from your customers. 

6. Attract More Customers with Promotions

One of the most enticing aspects of integrating food delivery into your restaurant's offerings is the opportunity to attract new customers through well-crafted promotions. Promotions aren't just about attracting new customers. They're also a fantastic way to reward your existing customers for their loyalty. Offering exclusive deals to your email subscribers or loyalty program members not only makes them feel valued but also keeps them coming back for more. After all, who can resist a personalized discount code delivered straight to their inbox?


Food delivery isn't a trend that's fading anytime soon, it's an industry that's thriving. The numbers speak for themselves, from the growth of the global online food delivery market to the increased sales experienced by restaurants who've embraced it. 

By integrating food delivery into your restaurant you’re redefining convenience, reaching customers wherever they are, all while increasing your own revenue.

Grow Orders, Save Time & Eliminate Tablet Chaos

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