The Tip Jar: How to Increase Your Restaurant's Profits with Creative Ideas

The Tip Jar: How to Increase Your Restaurant's Profits with Creative Ideas

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The Tip Jar: Creative Ideas to Increase Your Restaurant’s Profits

As a restaurant owner, you’re constantly looking for ways to increase your profits. You’re aware of the importance of optimizing your menu and providing excellent customer service, but have you ever thought about using a tip jar? Tip jars are a great way to boost your restaurant’s profits and make customers feel appreciated. If you’re looking to add a tip jar to your restaurant, here are some creative ideas to make it stand out.

Funny Tip Jar Signs

When you’re designing a tip jar for your restaurant, you want to make sure it stands out. One way to do that is by adding a funny tip jar sign. Your customers will appreciate a good laugh, and a humorous sign will make them more likely to leave a tip. Remember, it never hurts to use a pun. Here are some funny tip jar sayings to get you started:

  • "If you enjoyed your meal, please leave a tip. If not, please leave a better cook!"
  • "We're not rich, but we're good at what we do."
  • "Tips are like compliments. We like them."
  • "The best tip is a smile. The second best is money."
  • "Even the titanic tipped :)."
  • "If you tip, we'll think you're hip."
  • "The server's rent fund sponsors this tip jar."
  •  "When you tip, it makes our heart skip."
  • "Afraid of change, leave it here :)."
  • "Gotta tip 'em all!"
  • “Tip before you sip.”
  • "Drink Responsibly, Tip Recklessly."
  • "Every tip leads to a new life."

Clever Tip Jar Ideas

If you want to make your tip j up ar stand out even more, there are plenty of clever ideas to choose from. For example,

  1. You could use a brightly coloured jar or one with a unique shape.
  2. It doesn't hurt to use a jar with a clear window so customers can see how much money has been collected. Better still, throw some starter money in the tip jar using the bills you want customers to leave there. Customers like to see some amounts, also as a form of security.
  3. An empty tip jar tends to stay empty, so always have some money in the jar and never empty it completely.
  4. There are also catchy phrases that you can use like:
  • "Help us help you."
  • "Every little bit helps"
  • "On a scale of $1-$10, how attractive are you?"
  • "There is a party in this jar, and your tips are invited."
  • "Please tip to help our drip (these uniforms are not it)."

Sayings for Tip Jars

In addition to funny and clever signs, you should also consider adding sayings that are more sincere. These sayings can show your customers that you truly appreciate their tips. Here are some examples of sayings you could use:

• “Your tips help us serve you better.”

• “Your tips help us make a living. Thank you.”

• “Your tips are greatly appreciated.”

• “Tips make us smile!”

• “We wouldn’t be here without you.”

Tip Jars Ideas

When it comes to tip jars, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. You can get creative with the jars themselves and develop ideas that make your restaurant stand out. For example:

  1. You could use a jar with a chalkboard finish and change the message every day.
  2. It could also be a mason jar with a custom label or a jar with a custom design.
  3. What about a jar with a thermometer to show customers how close you are to reach your goal?
  4. It's also not out of place to theme the jars around events, holidays, or other promotions.
  5. You could feature a new jar each week and have social media fans vote for their favourite at the end of the month.
  6. Give customers their change in smaller bills to make tipping easier. People often tip out of the change they get when they pay for their order if they're paying in cash. If their change is a $5 bill and a few coins, they will likely drop the coins in the jar and call it good. Imagine if you gave them five ones and coins. You've just made it easier for them to toss in a dollar!
  7. Let your social media audience give you ideas if you're running out. This is also the best way for your customers on social media to get involved, get creative, and help you come up with something clever.
  8. You could also create a tip jar poll to allow customers to share their opinions. Most people don't find a willing audience to air their opinions often, though, so it's a win when you turn your tip jar into a willing audience.

There could be a poll with two options to vote on: two jars or a divided container. Let the customers vote for their options with their money. Make poll topics friendly, fun, and simple, especially with a fan base. Remember, a particular way to tap into this idea for a hundred percent success rate is also to focus on a pressing pop culture subject. Here are some examples:

  • Marvel vs DC
  • Friends vs The Office
  • Time machine vs magic wand
  • Emojis vs gifs
  • Letter vs emails
  • Dragons vs unicorns
  • Plane vs train
  • Calling vs texting
  • Gym vs Art
  • Zoo vs aquarium
  • Smartphone vs tablet
  • Playlists vs podcasts
  • Funny story vs one-liner
  • Superman vs Spiderman
  • Game of Thrones vs Lord of the Rings
  • Puppies vs kittens
  • Protagonist vs sidekick
  • Slytherin vs Gryffindor
  • Netflix vs Hulu
  • Star Wars vs Harry Potter
  • Audiobook vs e-book
  • Vikings vs Packers
  • Ninjas vs Pirates
  • Fishing vs kayaking

The more a poll topic matters to your customer base, the more they'll participate. It's a good idea to make a topic the kids can also participate in, and better to steer clear of controversial topics. You want everyone to have fun and not set up your staff for aggravated customers.


Adding a tip jar to your restaurant is a great way to boost your profits and show your customers that you appreciate them. With the right approach, you can come up with creative ideas that make your jar stand out and encourage customers to leave a tip. Whether you choose funny tip jar signs, clever ideas, or sincere sayings, your tip jar will be sure to make an impression.

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