60 Top Restaurant Survey Questions to Gain Customer Feedback

60 Top Restaurant Survey Questions to Gain Customer Feedback

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Restaurant survey questions allow you to gather customer feedback so you can continuously improve your restaurant and make the customer experience more enjoyable. It’s important to ask the right survey questions in the right way to ensure the responses you are receiving are valuable, honest and actionable. Distributing a restaurant survey will ensure you are no longer guessing the wants and needs of your customers but instead hearing it straight from them. 

In this blog, you’ll find the 60 best restaurant survey questions as well as information on why you should incorporate restaurant surveys and of course ways to ask these survey questions.

The Benefits of Using Restaurant Surveys

Restaurant surveys may seem like more work than they’re worth, but use them correctly and they’ll be well worth your while. Here are some reasons you should incorporate restaurant surveys into your strategy.

Gather Customer Feedback

You may think you know what your customers are thinking but truthfully you can’t be sure until you ask them. This will allow you to identify trends in the feedback and make changes accordingly. 

Improve Your Customer Experience

There are many factors that go into restaurant success but customer satisfaction is high on the list. Think about your experience and how likely you are to return to a restaurant with a negative customer experience, not likely right? Well most of your customers will agree and by continuously iterating and improving your customer experience you minimize the chance of losing customers. Another great benefit of restaurant surveys is customers are less likely to leave negative reviews if they have a place to provide feedback directly. That way you can make changes to minimize your number of negative reviews.

Collect Data on Customers

Restaurant surveys not only allow you to gather feedback from customers but also demographic data on who is coming into and interacting with your restaurant. Demographic information and customer preferences allow you to target your customers directly whether it’s building a menu that interests them or promotions and offers tailored to them.

Create Loyal Customers

Engaging your customers and ensuring that they feel heard creates loyal customers that will keep coming back for more. Your customers want to know that you care enough to improve based on their feedback and by engaging them through surveys and implementing their ideas you can prove that.

Ways to Ask Restaurant Survey Questions

So now you know what survey questions to ask and why it’s important to be asking these questions, how do you go about asking survey questions to your customers? Here are a few ways to engage your customers with a survey.

Texts or Emails

One of the most effective ways to push out a survey to your customers is through texts. Email is a close second but not as effective as text messages. Keep your ask short and sweet, especially if you are choosing text as a survey distribution method.

Reservation Platforms

If you use a reservation platform, it likely has the capability to ask you guests for feedback after their reservation has ended. This is a really easy way to send out those requests as most of it will be automated for you!

Your Website

Adding a form to your restaurant’s website can be an effective method but it’s important to remember you have to drive traffic to this form, it’s unlikely customers will stumble upon it if it’s not obvious. You can promote the form through campaigns and additionally have a QR code or easy to remember link on a sign in your restaurant itself.

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Restaurant Survey Questions

Here are the best 60 restaurant survey questions broken down by category. It’s important to keep in mind that you want to pick questions that are applicable to your restaurant and you may need to reword some questions to fit your restaurant’s niche. 

General Questions

  • How did you hear about [restaurant name]?
  • How often do you dine or order from [restaurant name]?
  • Is this the first time you’ve dined or ordered from [restaurant name]?
  • What did you like the best about [restaurant name]?
  • What did you like the least about [restaurant name]?
  • How likely are you to recommend [restaurant name] to someone?
  • Are you likely to dine or order at [restaurant name] again?
  • How do you typically find out about new restaurants to try?
  • Can you describe your overall experience at [restaurant name] in one sentence?
  • What three words would you use to describe [restaurant name]?
  • If you could change one thing about [restaurant name], what would it be?

Food Quality and Menu Questions

  • How would you rate the food at [restaurant name]?
  • What did you like best about our menu?
  • What did you like least about our menu?
  • If you have dietary restrictions, was [restaurant name] able to accommodate you?
  • What would you like to see added to our menu?
  • How would you rate the value of food at [restaurant name]?
  • How would you rate the value of drinks at [restaurant name]?
  • How do you feel about the presentation of the food?
  • Was the food served at the right temperature?
  • How satisfied were you with the portion sizes?
  • Did you find our menu to be diverse and appealing?
  • How do you rate the freshness of our ingredients?

Customer Service Questions

  • Were you greeted by staff upon arrival?
  • Did you find the staff friendly and attentive during your visit?
  • How would you rate the service you received at [restaurant name]?
  • How well did your server know the menu?
  • Was your server able to answer your questions?
  • How long did you wait for your order to arrive?
  • Was the staff knowledgeable about any food allergies or preferences you have?
  • Did you receive your bill in a timely manner?
  • How likely are you to return based on the customer service you received?

Restaurant Space Questions

  • How would you rate the ambiance of [restaurant name]?
  • How satisfied were you with the noise level at [restaurant name]?
  • How satisfied were you with the temperature at [restaurant name]?
  • Were the bathrooms and facilities clean at [restaurant name]?
  • How would you rate the accessibility of [restaurant name]?
  • What would you improve about [restaurant name]’s facility?
  • How comfortable were the seating arrangements?
  • Was there anything about the decor or theme that stood out to you?
  • How does our restaurant's location affect your likelihood of visiting again?

Online Ordering Questions

  • How would you rate the timeliness of your order?
  • Did your order arrive correctly?
  • How would you rate the food once it arrived?
  • How would you rate the temperature of your food once it arrived?
  • Did you receive everything you needed to enjoy your meal?
  • What else would you have liked to enjoy your meal?
  • Was the online ordering process user-friendly and straightforward?
  • How would you rate the accuracy of our menu descriptions online?
  • Did you encounter any difficulties while placing your order online?
  • How satisfied were you with the packaging of your delivered food?
  • Would you recommend our online ordering system to others?

Payment and Pricing Questions

  • How do you perceive the pricing at [restaurant name] compared to similar restaurants?
  • Was the payment process smooth and convenient for you?
  • Do you feel that the quality of food and service provided justifies the price?
  • Are you satisfied with the payment options available (credit card, online payment, etc.)?

Sustainability and Social Responsibility Questions

  • Is it important to you that [restaurant name] engages in sustainable practices?
  • How do you feel about the use of locally sourced ingredients?
  • Would you like to see more plant-based or eco-friendly options on the menu?
  • Are there any social causes you'd like to see [restaurant name] support?

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