Eurovap Decreases Online Ordering Mistakes by 80% with Cuboh

Eurovap Decreases Online Ordering Mistakes by 80% with Cuboh

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Grow Orders, Save Time & Eliminate Tablet Chaos
Cuboh integrates your delivery apps and online orders with your POS and consolidates them into a single tablet.

Eurovap is an exotic snack, munchie, and soda shop with 7 locations. Online ordering is a core part of their strategy, but managing their menu on all major delivery platforms was a big pain point. They have thousands of SKUs and it was almost impossible to manage their inventory at their current scale. Eurovap wanted to protect their reputation by making sure that their customers got what they ordered, which proved to be a challenge when disabling an item took hours every day. That’s when they started to look for a solution that allowed them to manage their menus in one place so that they can make changes with the click of a button.

While they had tried Deliverect and Otter in the past, they didn’t meet Eurovap’s needs and getting in touch with their support proved difficult. They struggled with system unreliability, namely, items being sent to the POS incorrectly (yes, that meant that when a customer ordered a specific item they’d get a completely different SKU). Downtimes were frequent and they even came to learn that Otter’s integrations were unofficial which threatened their ability to continue listing their restaurant on the online ordering apps. That’s when they decided to try Cuboh.

Online Ordering Consolidation

Like most restaurant employees in today’s world, managing delivery tablets was a nightmare, especially at Eurovap’s scale. Several orders would get missed, and entering the orders into the POS proved to create many mistakes as well. 

Upon integrating with Cuboh, Eurovap was able to use the Cuboh tablet to receive and manage all of their orders in one screen. This also proved to be handy when having to 86 items on the fly (which happens several times a day in their operation). Their staff was stoked to be able to disable items in a few seconds instead of a few hours like they were previously used to.

Cuboh’s integrations with all delivery apps are official, which means that there is no failure rate and Eurovap could trust that every action would go live with 100% reliability.

“Our previous solution (Deliverect) was very unstable. Their snooze low inventory items would often fail. Snoozing an item would add an out of stock label on the customer facing menu. We have many out of stock items at all time so this would pollute the menu with many of those labels. Their technical support team wasn’t available and getting things solved was a major problem.”


Since Eurovap’s staff was used to troubleshooting several orders a day, their management wanted to invest in a tool that had in-house and accessible support. This proved to be a major advantage when moving their locations to Cuboh. They wanted to be able to call and talk to someone on the fly instead of having to wait hours to hear back. Cuboh’s average support time is ~10 minutes, and this changed the game for their team.

“Cuboh’s team is very responsive. They are always willing to help and make sure any issue gets fixed. Cuboh may have small glitches like most other solutions, and customer support will always help with that. But, the main advantage over all other services is the stability of their system. Once we understand how to use Cuboh, it is reliable and having to reach technical support doesn’t happen often. It’s a great solution!”

Increasing Order Volume

Now that managing their current delivery volume proved to be sustainable, Eurovap wanted to continue investing in their online ordering strategy. Shortly after launching with Cuboh, their team saw a significant uptick in their ordering revenue. 

“We have less issues with out of stock items being ordered, so our rating on the delivery platforms has increased. Our inventory is more consistent with less errors. Customers have access to a better looking menu on the delivery platforms.”

Since all orders are automatically sent directly to their POS, orders were also auto-accepted in less than 2 seconds, which rewarded Eurovap’s listings and scores. This alone helped them outclass their competition when it comes to where they rank on all delivery applications.

Where They are at Now

Eurovap has expendaded rapidly in 2022, launching 3 locations and counting. It is crucial to have their team spend their time on growing the business and not troubleshooting online orders. Online ordering margins are already slim, so the more automation Eurovap could introduce, the better their bottom line would look.

“Since using Cuboh, we are spending less time fixing issues with out of stock items being ordered, fixing the inventory mistakes because of those errors, which in turn causes mistakes in the quantities of products we order. We are also spending less time contacting customer support.”

Grow Orders, Save Time & Eliminate Tablet Chaos

Integrate your delivery apps and online orders with your POS and consolidate them into a single tablet. Helping you reduce order issues, grow your sales, and eliminate delivery headaches.

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