The Best Restaurant Review Sites

The Best Restaurant Review Sites

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Restaurant reviews have transformed from simple opinions to influential decision-making tools. As a restaurant owner, you understand that the opinions of your customers hold immense weight, they can shape your reputation and influence the choices of potential customers. In this digital world, the amount of restaurant review sites and restaurant review apps has revolutionized the way you can connect with your audience. These restaurant review websites and apps provide a platform for showcasing your restaurant's offerings, celebrating your strengths, and addressing any shortcomings through online reviews.

The Best Restaurant Review Apps and Sites You Need to be On

Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile isn’t just the most visited site on the internet and a top search engine, it is a popular restaurant review site that can boost your visibility. Take advantage of Google restaurant reviews and ratings to highlight your restaurant’s offerings, helping potential customers find their way to your restaurant listing. Claiming your Google Business Profile ensures that you're part of the conversation when people are looking for their next great meal whether it be through search results, maps or another channel.


  • Large user base and extensive restaurant coverage.
  • Integration with Google Maps for easy navigation.
  • Reviews and ratings are conveniently accessible for mobile users.


  • Review quality can vary significantly.
  • Limited to user-generated content.
  • Google reviews are not specific to restaurants.


If you're looking to reach a global audience, TripAdvisor is the place to be. This travel focussed platform offers an extensive database of user-generated reviews and ratings, making it a powerful tool for promoting your restaurant. Whether you're a local gem or a destination dining spot, being on TripAdvisor ensures that your establishment is part of the traveler's journey as they look for nearby restaurants. 


  • Large user base and extensive restaurant coverage.
  • Detailed insights into what diners love about your restaurant and areas for improvement.


  • Some reviews may be less relevant or outdated.
  • The platform is highly competitive, making it important to stand out.


Yelp provides the perfect platform to share your restaurant’s story with a wide and diverse audience. With a reputation for user-friendly content, Yelp's vast community of users actively searches for restaurants like yours. Join this online community, engage with your customers, and make sure that your establishment is included in the conversation. 


  • Extensive database of user-generated content.
  • Has a user-friendly interface with search filters.


  • Review quality can vary.
  • Some businesses face pressure to advertise on the platform.


As a restaurant owner, you already know the importance of building strong relationships with your customers. Facebook offers you an opportunity to foster these relationships and showcase your restaurant in a familiar, social setting. By setting up a business page and engaging with your customers on Facebook, you can make your restaurant part of their online social media experience. 


  • Lets you connect with your customer base directly and engage with reviews.
  • Facebook is a widely used social network, and your presence can encourage online sharing.
  • Allows you to build a community of loyal customers who follow your updates.


  • Limited customization options for your restaurant's page.
  • Not solely focused on reviews and ratings.


OpenTable is a valuable tool for restaurants., not only can you streamline reservations, but you can also use it to gather valuable insights from your diners. OpenTable allows you to merge the convenience of online reservations with the trust of user-generated reviews, ensuring that your restaurant stands out when guests are planning their special occasions. 


  • Streamline the reservation process and reduce no-shows.
  • Gather valuable insights from diners while managing reservations.
  • Attracts diners actively seeking restaurant experiences.


  • Limited to restaurants using the OpenTable reservation system.
  • Focuses primarily on bookings, which may take precedence over reviews.


Foursquare is more than just a review site; it's a location-based platform that connects you with the local community. By joining Foursquare, you ensure that your restaurant is recommended to locals and travellers alike. 


  • Attract local and traveling diners with personalized recommendations.
  • Benefit from user reviews and expert advice.
  • Engage with local food enthusiasts and build a loyal following.


  • Smaller user base compared to some other platforms.
  • Review quality can vary.

The Infatuation

The Infatuation is a place for restaurant connoisseurs. Here, expertly crafted reviews and recommendations help customers discover unique dining experiences. By being featured on The Infatuation, you align your restaurant with a community that values quality over quantity.


  • Benefit from trustworthy reviews by experienced food writers.
  • Offers well-informed recommendations that can elevate your restaurant's reputation.


  • May not have as extensive coverage compared to platforms with user-generated content.
  • May not have as many reviews for smaller or lesser-known restaurants.


If your restaurant takes pride in accommodating customers with food allergies, AllergyEats is your niche review listing. Being listed on this platform ensures that individuals with dietary restrictions can discover your allergen-friendly offerings.


  • Ideal for restaurants accommodating individuals with food allergies.
  • Attract diners with dietary restrictions by being listed as an allergen-friendly option.


  • Specialized in catering to a niche audience, not suitable for all restaurants.
  • Coverage may vary depending on location and allergen-friendly options available.

How Restaurants Can Gain and Utilize Online Reviews

In this digital age, where everyone is checking online reviews, good reviews can make or break a restaurant.

Positive reviews can attract new patrons and build a stellar reputation, while negative reviews can have the opposite effect. For restaurant owners, harnessing the power of online review platforms is a must to stay competitive in the food industry.

Establish an Online Presence

Ensure that your restaurant is listed on top restaurant review sites like the ones listed above. Claim your business page on these platforms and verify your details to gain more control over your online presence.

Train Your Staff

Educate your staff on the importance of online reviews and their role in requesting them. Friendly and attentive service can leave a positive impression on customers, making them more likely to write a good review.

Ask For Reviews Politely but Professionally

Encourage your staff to politely ask satisfied customers to leave a review. This request can be incorporated into the cheque presentation or at the end of the meal. It's crucial to ask professionally, ensuring your customers don't feel pressured.

Display Signs Asking for Online Reviews

Incorporate a sign near the table or till with an easy link or QR code to leave a review. Make it as simple and easy for the customer as possible.

Utilize Social Media

Leverage your restaurant's social media platforms to remind customers to leave reviews. Regularly post about your restaurant's achievements, special dishes, and customer reviews to keep the conversation going.

Create an Email Campaign

Build an email list of loyal customers and periodically send out personalized emails requesting reviews. Craft these emails carefully, making it easy for recipients to leave a review by including direct links to review platforms.

Respond to Existing Reviews

Engage with your existing online reviews by responding to both positive and negative feedback. This demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction and can encourage more reviews from patrons who see that their opinions matter.

Monitor and Analyze

Regularly monitor your online reviews to track the trends and identify areas for improvement. Use this feedback to refine your restaurant's operations and enhance the overall customer experience.

Display Reviews on Your Website

Showcase positive reviews on your restaurant's website to build trust with potential customers who visit your site. This demonstrates transparency and allows potential diners to see the experiences of others.

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