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"I’ve tried Otter. Cuboh has got the best team to support your business. Their support is very quick. Quicker than you can expect."

- US Wings & Deli
How are we different?
For starters, we will pick up the phone when you call us
You are exhausted from having to deal with Otter's support team. We hear it every day -- they clearly do not care. Their support time is slow, and a lot of the time they don't even pickup the phone after you have paid your first invoice.

Our support team is in-house and we do care (all of our employees have shares in Cuboh). We reply in less than 5 minutes and we will solve any issues that arise quicker than any other team you have dealt with. If there’s something we truly excel in, it is customer support.

Otter's reviews rank them at 2.3/5. Cuboh is 4.5/5.
We are your partner, not your competitor
Otter is affordable, but that's only because they own FutureFoods, a virtual kitchen provider that licenses concepts to restaurants around you.

How comfortable do you feel paying someone to access your data, knowing they have brands that directly compete with you? There has to be a reason for their really cheap prices, right? Exactly.

Cuboh doesn't sell food. We are in the software business and want to help you, not compete with you.
Official and reliable API integrations
Many of the features Otter advertises are not available through official APIs. This means that they are presumably using web-scraping which is unrealiable, and against the delivery apps' terms and conditions.

Don't risk your restaurants' relationship with the apps and work with an official partner of theirs. If you cannot afford downtime, Cuboh is the right choice for you.

Just check our uptime on

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