Cuboh's Brand Guide

Wordmark Usage

wordmark light

The Cuboh wordmark can be used with express written permission. The dark and light versions of the Cuboh wordmark are interchangeable making them versatile across different backgrounds.

Only use the most up-to-date Cuboh logo.

old logo

Brand Mark Usage

The ‘pie mark’ is the primary graphic for the Cuboh brand.

brandmark light

The brand mark should be incorporated in all instances and applications of the brand. Do not remove it from the Cuboh wordmark.

brandmark dark

Cuboh Colours

Use this palette when representing the Cuboh brand.

Selvedge Colour
Blockchain Colour
Blockchain2 Colour
Merino Colour

Incorrect Usage

Please do not alter the Cuboh wordmark or brand mark in any way. Do not...

Please Don't pt.1
Please Don't pt2


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