Grow Orders, Save Time & Eliminate Tablet Chaos

Integrate your delivery apps and online orders with your POS and consolidate them into a single tablet. Helping you reduce order issues, grow your sales, and eliminate delivery headaches.
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Manage all your orders from 1 device
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Eliminate mistakes from human error
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Integrate your existing restaurant tech
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For restaurants new to online ordering and starting to grow their volume up to $20k/month in online ordering revenue


For restaurants looking to scale online ordering with up to $30k/month in online ordering revenue


For restaurants who rely on online ordering with $30k/month+ in online ordering revenue
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Enterprise pricing
We offer custom pricing for clients with multiple locations. Cuboh’s enterprise services can be deployed across your organization, creating a single source of truth and allowing you to make data-driven decisions for growth.
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"Using Cuboh has allowed us to execute delivery orders more efficiently and accurately–it has given us the confidence to push this sales channel harder."
–   Neal Idnani, owner of Naan Stop
Integrate Your Existing Tech
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Too many Tablets? Not anymore
Cuboh consolidates all your tablets into a single device and automatically processes orders. It’s the secret sauce for online ordering success.
Do More with Less
Cuboh sends orders from your delivery apps straight to your POS or kitchen printer in real-time, so you can focus on the things that matter. No fuss. No human error.
Grow Your Online Order Revenue
Cuboh lowers the costs associated with online ordering, reduces the time it takes to manage online orders, and allows you to grow your online ordering profit and sales.
No POS? No Problem
Connect Cuboh directly to kitchen printers so your staff receives orders as they come in real-time.
“Much more reliable than the previous service used (no missing orders!). Cuboh is a beautiful app that gives us full visibility on our online delivery business and control of our menus from the same place.
–   Davide M. , CEO & Co-Founder
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