Trailer Birds

United States
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Trailer Birds

The Dickey’s Restaurant Brands have come a long way since Travis Dickey opened the first Dickey’s Barbecue Pit location in 1941. When his sons, T.D. and Roland Dickey, Sr. took over the restaurant in 1967, this was the beginning of transforming a single barbecue joint into an international restaurant corporation.

While T.D. stayed in Dallas running the company, Roland, Sr. traveled across the country opening new stores. One of his favorite stop overs was Nashville, the home of Nashville Hot Chicken. The funky, family restaurants which served up the bold, tangy flavors was the inspiration Trailer Birds.

The Dickey family takes great pride in bringing Legit Texas Barbecue™ to the world. Now, Trailer Birds is introducing Nashville Hot Chicken to guests in all the ways that only Dickey’s can deliver.

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