Boost Virtual Concepts

Boost Virtual Concepts
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Making incremental revenue from your existing kitchen space has never been easier. Partner with Cuboh and Boost Virtual Concepts today and add national brand revenue streams operating out of your kitchen in less than 5 weeks!

More Brands by Boost Virtual Concepts (Powered by Dickey's Restaurant Brands)

Dickey's Barbecue Pit

Wing Boss

Big Deal Burger Co.

Trailer Birds

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How do I get started?
Interested in adding a virtual brand to your restaurant, ghost kitchen or multi-location? The Cuboh Marketplace features virtual brands for our host kitchen partners. Restaurants using Cuboh can quickly and easily get set up with one or many of our partner brands.

Step 1: We’ll connect you with the right people at the partner brand
Step 2: Start using the brand and Cuboh to fulfill orders
Step 3:
Get up and running in no time generating incremental revenue

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