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Multiple Online Ordering Apps? Cuboh is restaurants' Preferred Solution

We know you hate online ordering so we help you forget about it. Menu updates, hour changes, closures, adding more platforms, commission negotiations, and more, can be done by us. All you need to do is approve all updates while we do all of the work.

Replace your online ordering platforms (and add some more) with 1 device.

Use the Cuboh tablet to manage all your online ordering platforms instead of referring to each individual tablet. 86s, refunds, upcharges, prep times, and more, all in one place, so you can ditch the other tablets.

Since it's so easy... shouldn't you be present in more online ordering platforms?

Recover lost revenue

Platform mistakes could mean you're leaving money on the table. Refer to one reporting dashboard instead of several. We'll tell you how much money should have been in your last deposit, taxes, most popular products, and more.

Connect directly to your POS

We automatically punch all orders straight in your POS, in real time, so you don't have to. All orders print in the right expo stations and KDS', and orders look like they were punched in by a staff member. No mistakes, no delays.

Meet your new online ordering manager

Online ordering was annoying, so we made it delightful.
Forget about managing online ordering platforms. Try Cuboh.








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The highest rated online ordering manager for modern restaurants

"When we found Cuboh we were hopeful, but a little fatigued from testing many other vendors. We know that the delivery part of our business will continue to grow and if we are not able to capitalize on the opportunity, it will be detrimental to our overall model.

Cuboh was extremely responsive and the product worked on the first install. The Cuboh team have been very agile with our needs."

Anthony Pisa

COO of Kizuki Ramen and Izakaya

"Nobody enjoys cheesy reviews so I'll share my Cuboh experience in a very practical manner: it saves an average of 1 minute per online order due to the standardization and the POS automatic input. For 100 online orders per day that's 100 minutes of savings in paid labor costs.

That's more than 50 paid labor hours saved monthly. Scale it to hundreds of orders and you can tell that it's worth it -- that's what Cuboh can do for your restaurant. Their approach to have one tablet to rule all the online ordering is a true winner!"

Silviu Antonescu

Co-Owner of SaladBox