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Do I still need to keep my other tablets?

No. Cuboh allows you to turn all of them off. No exceptions.

If my orders are going to the POS, why do I need your tablet?

There is certain functionality that is hard to manage within your POS system, like 86ing items, processing refunds and upcharges, contacting drivers, and more, in relation to online ordering platforms.

I have already had a negative experience with another aggregator, so no thank you.

We understand - integrations are very hard to get right. But we figured it out. We promise to work and communicate closely with you to ensure no app ever goes down, and your POS gets all orders without any inaccuracy. Just ask us for references.

Are there any set-up or cancellation fees?


Will you modify my POS menu?

No. Our goal is to automate whatever you already do manually so your staff does not have to suffer from discrepancies. We won't ever touch your POS menu.

How fast can you onboard?

Our average onboarding time is 3 to 10 days.

What is Account Management?

You are a busy Manager and spending your time updating your menus and online ordering platforms repetitively is a waste of your time. We take care of managing all of your updates and listings so you can forget about it.

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