"Cuboh is a tool, its competitors are features."

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There's software that acts as a feature (POS integrator). There's other software that acts as a mailbox (dispatcher). What I love about Cuboh is the fact that it combines both of the above and more. Cuboh is a tool when it comes to handling a restaurant's online ordering needs. It gives you full control of the orders without having to plug in the delivery platforms' own tablets, otherwise referred to as the tablet shrine :blush:. You can refund, charge, access contact details, check the highlighted comments, toggle item availability or full platform availability, and this is just naming a few of the things Cuboh can do. Receipt printing is standardized so that receipts from different platforms look the same. That means less mistakes in prep, leading to better reviews, which translates into higher sales.

Cuboh seems to have been designed from the very beginning as a two way communicator and that's what makes it powerful today. In Salad Box Miami we run an Alpha version of Cuboh where a lot of the new add-ons are being tested and I'm impressed to see that a lot of the suggestions made by partnered restaurants are turning into new features. The web interface for reports is also constantly improving and shows great insights about the restaurant's performance in terms of its online ordering applications.

The fact that Cuboh is so keen to continuously develop and enhance their features based on customer input makes them a great company to be partnered with.

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