Meet Some Of Our Popular Delivery Partners

Due to COVID-19, delivery services have become the MVPs of keeping the restaurant industry on its feet. The hubs of the country with some of the most thriving restaurants, like New York and Chicago, were quickly shut down in March as infections began to spike in the United States. This forced restaurants to pivot to an online order system just to stay in business. Mobile apps like Grubhub, Doordash, Uber Eats, Postmates, and Chownow eased some of this stress by making it possible for delivery orders to reach new customers and repeat customers alike.

Although it's true that delivery services take part of a restaurant's commission for each order, considering the influx of online sales and phone orders coming in, it's a small dent in profit. Having more drivers also keeps customer satisfaction high, since restaurants are able to provide swift service due to quick and easy contactless delivery. It's freed up the food delivery teams at individual restaurants, making the ordering experience for everyone as seamless as possible, despite the volume.

Cuboh has simplified the online ordering experience for restaurants, so they can take advantage of as many delivery services as they want/require by enabling POS integration. When a restaurant signs up with an online ordering business, they receive a tablet that keeps track of incoming orders as well as customer data. Restaurants can easily get overwhelmed by juggling multiple online ordering platforms and their tablets in addition to customer orders coming in from their own website or Facebook page.

With Cuboh, these vendors have all of their orders in one place creating a unified ordering system. They receive their orders on one tablet in real-time as people shop from their smartphones or computers. All of their analytics and stats go easily into their POS without having to transfer the data manually. The flat monthly fee is a drop in the bucket considering how much an integrated POS system streamlines the takeaway process. The bottom line is that with the help of Cuboh and delivery systems, big and small restaurants have been able to stay in business. Here's a list of some of Cuboh's favorite delivery partners.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats opened its car doors in August of 2014 to test the waters of customer interest in such a service. After hundreds of orders came in, the company decided to officially expand their driving services to be more than just transportation for people. Uber Eats didn't blow up in every city right away, but rather the company made sure it would be profitable before jumping in with both feet by looking at sales metrics for valuable insight. It didn't take long for people to catch on, because who doesn't want their favorite meal delivered to their front door in minutes?


Uber Eats is great at engaging customers with their own marketing campaigns. The company runs promotions and has coupons all the time that encourage customers to buy takeout. They often give shoppers deals on their favorite restaurants that they just can't refuse, especially if that customer's already hungry. These discounts generate more buzz and interest for restaurants, which has been greatly appreciated for restaurants relying on mobile ordering. It might also encourage a new customer to try food delivery from a vendor they might not have thought of before.


Many people have lost their jobs due to layoffs and furloughs related to the pandemic. Due to the demand from their customer base and the influx of online food orders from restaurants of all sizes, third-party platforms, like Doordash, have created job opportunities for people who would otherwise be out of work, since delivery platforms are essential.

In an interview with CNBC, the CEO of Doordash explained how his company has cut the number of commissions or waived commission fees in order to help restaurant owners stay in business. Doordash is also able to offer financial assistance to some of their drivers who are unable to work due to contracting the virus. Doordash is clearly trying to do its part in mitigating some of the impacts that the pandemic has had on restaurant partners and Doordash employees.


One of the benefits of working with ChowNow as a restaurant is that they have commission-free online ordering. That way restaurants get to pocket more of the money they would make if customers were able to dine in. The premise of this doesn't come with a catch, they just encourage you to use other services that they offer, like their marketing services. They'll help you with social media marketing campaigns that will show up on customer's mobile devices, driving more business to your restaurant.

Their set up is easy, and menu management is straight forward. 86'd items can be taken off your online menu, so that your menu items are digitally up to date allowing you the opportunity to provide great customer service even remotely. Just don't forget to make the same update on your restaurant website. If you have any questions, ChowNow Chat's customer support will have your back.

While these aren't the only delivery partners our online ordering software integrates with, they are some of the ones that restaurant owners seem to favor for a variety of reasons. COVID-19 is posing all sorts of challenges to businesses of all sizes and industries, but restaurants are some of the hardest hit. Hopefully, with the help of these delivery services, restaurants will continue to have a healthy revenue stream to keep them afloat until the pandemic is over and customers are able to make table reservations for indoor dining.

For now, potential customers will have to continue to dine at home or pick up their food in delivery zones. Although curbside pickup is considered very safe, with the introduction of the new strain in the United States, people will continue to rely heavily on delivery services to bring them their food. Our delivery partners, like Uber Eats, ChowNow, and Doordash are doing their part to provide restaurants some relief during this time of need.

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